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Jorginho (Out)


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He's been the definition of an astute signing imo, probably better than many expected too and defo a player you'd like to keep around for depth.

He'd be an awkward one to try and replace too imo, because he's got a good blend of experience and natural fit to Arteta's tactics and because of his age his fee wasn't insane.


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:lol: So many people with the mindset that football hasn't evovled since 2003. Age is nothing these days. Some of the best players in the world in their positions are mature players. Gundogan, Modric, Benzema, Toni Kroos, Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar, Antoine Griezmann, and our former very own Alexandre Lacazette who banged in 27 goals this season, just 2 behind Mbappe, all the wrong side of 30 and the youngsters can't come close to touching them. Maybe Haaland and Mbappe but that's about it! :lol:
Yep, and jorginho has the style of game to not see any real downturn beyond when many of those listed will feel age finally catch up on them.

If he is happy here then retain him in the 6 role and fit other signings around him. Only let him go if that was part of the agreement with him.

The option of a further season makes less sense of this were however the case, and he was expected to go. Tets is a big fanboy of his so I find it oddhe will actively look to move him on when aware of his potential longevity.


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Massive risk to lose both him and Xhaka at the same time, one needs to stay for another season.

So hopefully that's true 🙏

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Good he have to stay because we left with nobody if partey leave as well he the most experienced and have CL experience he can stay one more season.

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