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Jorginho: The Italian Stallion


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I miss abromovich

Do you know his history he is a pretty sinister figure albeit he seems an unwilling pawn in Putin’s games. I don’t miss him Boehly is a boffhead who will destroy a rival for us. Roman was never this stupid he bought smart but bought big.


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Worried about this at first. But warming to the idea of Jorginho on the team.

Let's hope he turns into more like a Giroud than Cech/Luiz/Willan.

If he can help get us over the line for the league, then it's money well spent.

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Jorginho is one of those players that managers seem to love.

Sarri, Tuchel and now Arteta have all been stalker levels obsessed with him.


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I honestly can't with this club, we'll never get out of our banter era mentality. Winning the league is worth significantly more than over paying for a player or 2 now, we've taken the cheap route and will die by it.
I guess you are talking about Caicedo. If the club refuse to sell, then there ain't much you can do fella !

Onana wants to try to save Everton, so he wasnt an option.

The pickings were slim tbh.

I think we will pick up Zubimemdi in the summer.


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Rory thinks it's a good deal for everyone, although he absolutely hates to help Arsenal in the title run.

One of his points is how much Jorginho brings to the team with his experience and mentality, as Arsenal team is very young. And compares it to getting Zinchenko and Jesus from City. Also how important he can be when defending leads at the end of the game, or otherwise rest Partey or Xhaka.

He says Jorginho has divided opinions very much there, but he is still starting quality for them even with his known limitations (this was before Enzo was confirmed, he said they have to replace Jorginho and would not sell him if they don't).



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I guess you are talking about Caicedo. If the club refuse to sell, then there ain't much you can do fella !

Onana wants to try to save Everton, so he wasnt an option.

The pickings were slim tbh.

I think we will pick up Zubimemdi in the summer.
Not even specifically Caicedo, like why did we not have multiple adequate quality players lined up that we could go after during January knowing full well that we needed at least 1 midfielder? They can not honestly tell us that Jorginho was the best plan b for January we could come up with since the the season started?
People keep saying we'll go after this and that player in the summer but by then it could be too late and we could have missed out on a mssaive opportunity to win the league and gain all the benefits that come with that.


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Those were very specific circumstances, the exception that certainly does not make the rule.
Plus it seems a different atmosphere at the ground now. Noticed it during last season. I wonder if a lot gave up their season tickets - I seem to have moved up thousands of places on the waiting list.


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Levy is a **** basically and no one in European football likes dealing with him is basically your answer. He over values his own talent and low balls everyone. Relationships matter in the upper levels of business once you get a bad rep and you burn people and stories get around you can’t do deals like we just pulled where one hand will wash the other
Make sense. He really is a cvnt Levy


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People so hard on Willian. Who took a pay cut to leave us. Yeah it didn’t work out, but it definitely wasn’t the worst deal ever. Has nothing on all the deadwood of the 2010s.

It actually was kind of the worst deal ever until Willian made the shocking decision to forego a ton of money to pursue his career elsewhere.

And I actually respect the hell out of him for that - which is basically unheard-of in modern sports - and have been cheering for him to do well at Fulham in spite of how **** he was here.

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