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José Mourinho: Pray For Roma


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You would think Mourinho would have gotten the hint nowadays only ****e managers can win the world cup

He would be wasting his time


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Would absolutely LOVE this.

You think Morocco know how to make an impact at a World Cup? Now imagine Mourinho with his specialised suffocating tactics on top of solid defense and counter attacks.

I’ll back the special one to win the cup.
The other day it was laudations for Rooney now public wankage of Mourinho.

Outrageous and completely needless comparison to Morocco on top of it too. Horrendous posting this


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Next episode on Arsenal-Mania: Why Mike Dean should move from the VAR Room to 10 Downing Street

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The OG when it comes to defensive-counter attacking football. This would make Chelsea a difficult proposition indeed.

If Todd does this though, then they are ****ing around, because Jose is not a long term guy.
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I would love to see him back as a pundit. For once there was someone who knew what he was talking about.


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Convoluted mind trick to emphasize some weird point, or to contrast their faces with a win pic down the line?

Or is Mou out of touch you reckon?
Might be trying to keep their spirits up

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