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Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by KMC, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. KMC

    KMC Member

    Where do I start? Liverpool like us have improved, say what you want about Brendon Rodgers I feel he has the football know how and tactically he is not a bad manager at all, I would put him as one of the top managers in the BPL. I know it may seem far fetched but he has ideas and they work - That's him as a manager as a individual human being he does talk some utter garbage, but you can talk a lot of garbage but when your team is winning it's quickly forgotten.

    From watching Liverpool play, personally they are a top 4 team and will make CL football, which is not a good for us, as our resident ITK Geoff Arsenal has mentioned we are going back in for Suarez. Suarez will stay with Liverpool.

    We as Arsenl fans got to ahead of ourselves and laughed at Pool when they said they will not sell to a direct rival, but surely we must respect a club which has kept on to there player even if we deem then to be smaller then us, something which we cannot do.

    There has been a monumental shift over in the north, between Liverpool and Man Utd. For me Utd have alot of replacing to do, while Pool need additions to there midfield.

    Gerrard for the sake of the club really needs to tel,Rodgers he is not up to it, our midfield dominated them, if Pool do get in teh champions league, Gerrard will be further found out. He really needs to let go and actually think about Pool now, as he is being detrimental to the team.

    Lucas, Henderson are squad players, certainly not good enough for a club of Pool's stature.

    I will not further analyse Pool, and what players they need, but they sure do need a reshuffle in the CM positions - Who I don't know, funny that UTD need a big overhaul in CM too, sure is interesting what will happen in January, if the clubs buy well it sure can lift them up.
  2. k24bfan

    k24bfan New Member

    I agree Liverpool have been slowing improving mentality wise and Brenden has tried things tactically to find his "grove" Spot on with Gerrard he isn't what he used to be and it's starting to notice. I think Pool made big gambles with the Luis Alberto and Aspas signing's they haven't featured much but perhaps Rodgers wants to break them in slowly or club have made miscalculations and they are busts but we will only know that in 2-3 years. They have the makings of a top 4 club at the moment.

    The CL places are going to be highly competitive down the line. I can see a lot of late drama with a few good teams not making it this year.
  3. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    I appreciate what you're trying to say Mr. KMC, but my reaction to this thread is simply;

  4. mo50

    mo50 Active Member Elite

    I can't stand Liverpool tbh. Brendan Rodgers annoys me beyond belief, and I hope they remain in relative mediocrity for a long time.
  5. Loken

    Loken Well-Known Member

    I actually quite like Liverpool the Football club, they are a Champions League club. I dislike the fans, the manager and the arrogance- but I'd like to see them back in the CL. Above Chelsea or Man City anyway (not going to happen, most likely United at this rate).

    But honestly their defense and midfield is not good enough to see them in top 4 until the end of the season, Suarez and Sturridge may fall out of form or perhaps suffer an injury and then who do they rely on? A leaky defense, an average midfield?

    Gerrard > Lampard 8))
  6. KMC

    KMC Member

    :?: :?:

    Are you saying we are the only club which improves every season?

    I don't like Liverpool but we cannot be bigots, arrogant.

    Funny thing is that us and Pool are the only clubs which had stability manager wise are 1st and 2nd.

    Liverpool will be a big threat next season if they can do the following ;

    1 - Keep Suarez
    2 - Get 2 new CM's

    I don't think Skrtel and Agger are bad CB's,

    Brendon says some cringewrothy ****, but he knows his football. For once I can see a shift, Man UTD and Liverpool swapping places.

    That is my prediction, to some it may be laughed at, but I evaluated Pool quite a bit, and there performances have been good, and they have already improved since last year, I think they were 7th this time last year. Now 2nd.

    Say what you want, once Brendon buys good and operates with higher caliber players who will at least understand Suarez and Sturridge, they will be a problem for teams next season.
  7. DJ_Markstar

    DJ_Markstar Well-Known Member

    I think TGG is questioning the thread title because you should always laugh at Liverpool no matter what.
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  8. blaze_of_glory

    blaze_of_glory Moderator Moderator

    You both make valid points. I'm torn.
  9. entropy13

    entropy13 New Member

    So essentially, when looking at the club we support, we should take it one match at a time and not dwell too much on what the future holds, but we have to consider the possibilities of another club, even if they're still far (enough, i.e. 'next season') into the future?
  10. Mastadon

    Mastadon Well-Known Member

    Liverpool are pretty f**ked up yo. They have gone from a big 4 club to not even qualifying for the Europa League even Spuds have overtaken them. Kenny schpunked most of the FSG budget on awful players and while Rodgers has done better Pool can't attract top level players. Without CL football their budget is going to limited for the foreseeable future and FSG are no sugar daddies. They still have a very large wage bill and need to redevelop their stadium.

    Financially I doubt they can afford to buy the players they need and unless Rodgers makes a few more Coutinho type signings I can't see how they are going to break into the top 4. Suarez and Sturridge are massive for them though maybe they can carry the rest of the team.
  11. TheLoneFalcon

    TheLoneFalcon Cake Addict

    They won't make the top 4, improved or not.
  12. ArsenesNO1Fan

    ArsenesNO1Fan Well-Known Member

    They're on form to finish on 76 points this season, have the best strikeforce in the league. Coutinho is a very good addition. Gerrard is slow now but is still pretty productive in terms of his goals/assists too. And Lucas is a good protector of the back 4 or 3.

    They looked like prospects.
  13. Bigbludfire

    Bigbludfire Well-Known Member

    Can't agree with this thread really. They've improved but in what context? Short term? Because that's a bit of a stretch really. They're overhyped and they don't have the squad to challenge properly, as you've already mentioned they have average players everywhere but then you're talking about them being a proper threat? They're not a threat. Their game plan is to basically pass sideways until the attackers get the ball. Rodgers deserves more credit as a manager but lets not go nuts.

    Johnson is a joke, Srtkel is a joke and a thug. Agger is always injured, Sakho and Toure are decent defenders and Enrique is average. Then you have Gerrard who's slacking, Henderson who chases shadows and then Lucas who's a average player. Coutinho is decent, Moses is a headless chicken a good 70% of the time and that's their main players. They'll be found out soon enough.
  14. Wouterus

    Wouterus New Member

    Have to agree with Bigbludfire. Liverpool won't finish in the top 4. They have a weaker squad than us, Chelsea, Man city and man united. Yes, I think liverpool are weaker than man united. Both have a pretty poor midfield and an average defence, but man united have better and more options in attack. Also, Man united will almost certainly strengthen their squad by spending big in January whereas I'm not sure Liverpool will. Sp**s and Liverpool will end up 5th and 6th, as expected at the start of the season.
  15. Camel

    Camel New Member

    Considering an amount of money Henry and Werner pumping into Liverpool, it's no wonder they're challenging for the Top-4. They got decent scouts at last too, so there was no disaster like spending 100 mllion on Carroll, Downing, Henderson etc., Pool actually bought good players in Coutinho and Sturridge. Brazilian is tailor made for us, he's too intelligent for the current Liverpool team imo.

    I'm still not confident in Rodgers, I think they could do with a better manager.
    P.S. Why we can't name this thread with something like "Liverpool"?
  16. KMC

    KMC Member

    I guess I might be over estimating them, maybe not. I can certainly see an improvement in there team. Table shows it.

    A front three off

    ---------- Countinho -----------

    ----- Sturridge - Suarez -----

    Is acutally a very good front 3. I like Couintho, think his a good player and can get some nice through balls through for Sturridge and Suarez.

    A very good striker, and a WC class one, with a fairly good AM is not a bad offensive.
  17. CurryFlavoured

    CurryFlavoured Well-Known Member

    I think Rodgers has done well since coming in, he has changed their style from caveman football to something worth watching, while maintaining league position (will probably improve this season), getting the best out of Suarez and making some decent signings. I still think they'll fall short of top 4 though.

    As much as I think he has done well BR is a massive ****, the way he signed Allen despite saying he wouldn't, the crap he came out with during the Suarez saga especially the 'classless' comment and his interviews in general where he talks insane amounts of ****e just make me dislike him - So I ope he fails.
  18. ArsenalDNA

    ArsenalDNA New Member

    I don't see how it's possible to not laugh at them.

    Just about everything about them these days is laughable. Fans, managers, players. There's nothing worth admiring.

    Sure they've improved but so too has everyone else, they'll be fighting it out with Everton for 6th again.
  19. darkgunner

    darkgunner Well-Known Member

    The face that they still play Steven Gerrard is laughable.
  20. k24bfan

    k24bfan New Member

    One big thing is Pool's favor is that they can dump the cups and just focus on the league and finish top 4.

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