Jurgen Klopp's LiVARpool: One Night in Astonbul


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I thought this was a send-off?

Even clearer than when Xhaka did it as well.

(Not that I sympathize with Kovacic here, should have gotten a red as well tbh)


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At what point in Moyesie's season was he sacked? Round about this stage no? Obviously Klopp isn't getting sacked, he has credit in the bank, but it's sackable form tbf.

It's amazing how in football everything seems so permanent and yet it really isnt. The past 2 years everyone's been like City/Liverpool are so far ahead, those two will dominate for years, it'll be tough to catch them. All of a sudden Liverpool could finish outside the top 4 and they've a huge rebuilding job to do. Sh*t changes quick.


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Mane gets away with a lot of those, clear red against us ignored earlier in the season too.

Very clever from Kovacic though, do love a bit of ****-housery in football...unless it's against your own team though ;)
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They'll probably turn it around next season but it'd be the most Liverpoolesquely hilarious thing if they just turned back to ****e.

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