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Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool: Kloppenheimer

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It is very close thing between us Lfc. Their defense is pretty bad and their midfield is weak to win title. But klopp doesn’t rely on his midfielders that much in attack. And they have a better keeper, manager and frontline. Salah is a big loss during African cup. I don’t think either Lfc or us have depth and balance to knock off City. But we are the two likely contenders if they gave a wobble or injury crisis. They are due a lull at some point. They can’t win every year. Even in a one horse league that horse does stumble in an odd race.

Sad but we are not currently equipped to push them off perch without their assistance. It doesn’t have to be this way but our club won’t make the change necessary, so we got to hope to scavenge the bits and pieces upon a City stumble that will happen at some point


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Bro came out of captivity and started trying to get his son a move

I forgot what happened to Diaz and his dad briefly during the Brazil game last night, was watching a non English stream so had the commentary muted too.

So when Luiz scored the winner and it cut to his dad in the crowd who nearly passed out due to all the emotion, I just thought it was some random over emotional Colombian fan...

"Calm down ****, it's only a qualifier"

...is what I thought to myself for a hot minute, ffs 😅

Bro came out of captivity and started trying to get his son a move
Barca are broke right now, and I think Liverpool would want another Coutinho situation (in terms of price), Diaz is decent but he's not THAT important to them, and right now it's not like Barca are any better than Liverpool tbh.
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Klopp on Diaz’s release (which was hours before Liverpool’s Europa league match):

“The timing could not have been better!”

Oh, I’m not sure about that Jurgen. 12 days earlier would have been ok, too.
I gave some stick towards Klopp two weeks ago here, so it’s only fair that I sing his praises too after seeing this leadership of Nunez.

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