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Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool: Mentality Fraudsters

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If there's one big weakness to Klopp it's signing players, he needs a DoF. I get the idea with Nunez but especially with strikers Klopp has had a couple of stinkers. I don't think Mané is the big miss, or Nunez himself per se, but their frontline is way too imbalanced. They now got three very direct goalscorers who don't offer much else, Mané was well rounded and Firmino one of the world's best false 9s. They should've probably changed their whole attack and also sold Salah. They lack a creator up front. E.g. would've made much more sense to get rid of Salah, too, then on top of Darwin you buy a Grealish type and someone well rounded like Nkunku.


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Think they only have themselves to blame. Their player acquisition has been meager; too many players getting too comfortable.

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