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Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool: Nay Jude

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16 of their 47 goals they pounced in two games this season. I doubt anybody managed this in the prem ever.

WTF is this football club?
That what happened when you inconsistent they still far from Liverpool we know under klopp today result was amazing but they scored 7 from 8 shots on target that rarely happen


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We're a better side than utd, can actually string more than 5 passes together , and pool might not rise in the same manner as today but actually dreading playing them at anfield in our run in. Type of team and place that could completely knock the stuffing out of us.


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When they are on it they are a scary scary team. The injuries have really ****ed their season.

Keep Diaz, Nunez and Salah fit for next season and they are in it for the title providing they sort their midfield out. We need to be finishing above both them and City if we want to win the league next season.


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Could’ve been ugly for the players, guy is rumoured to be getting a lifetime ban even tho he’s only 16


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You know what makes me laugh? Genuinely thought Mo Salah was having a dead season, like up until the other week I had him thinking his stats were worse than Saka.

22 goals and 11 assists in 38 games 😭

He’s so underrated.

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The reason they're so remarkably inconsistent comes down to the foundation of the team. Although getting their new attack firing has been an issue, we saw they're extremely capable with their showing vs United. But the foundations of their team lets them down.

A few years ago they had Alisson behind TAA-Matip-VVD-Robertson and crucially their midfield was Fabinho, Henderson and Gini usually with Firmino dropping deep for numerical superiority.

Now we see Van Dijk a shell of himself, Konate can be a bit shaky at times, TAA is low on confidence but the main area is midfield. Fabinho I don't know what's happened, he's not even that old but look like he's entering the end of his career, Henderson too doesn't have the same effect on the team and then no one has really replaced what Wijnaldum gave them in terms of carrying the ball, being able to resist pressure, etc. Klopp is trying with Bajcetic, Elliot, Jones but all lack experience while Thiago is a weird one because although he's very experienced it hasn't helped Liverpool in terms of controlling games as much as they used to. I don't think he's a typical Klopp player anyways. What's weird tho is that they've not made any big money central midfield signings to try and get it ticking again. Linked with Bellingham and Mount but you still feel as tho they need something in the positions Fabinho and Henderson occupy preferably with reasonable experience.


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Fabinho I don't know what's happened, he's not even that old but look like he's entering the end of his career...
Fabinho has missed 118 days due to injury since 28th November 2019. He has had many smaller injuries.

This can be compared to Partey's injuries at Arsenal. It's not wonder the level drops if you're injured often, have to come back to get match sharpness/fitness and then get injured again.

And then there is the fear to get injured when playing, so you aren't able to play as hard as you would like. So duel battles might suffer.


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