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Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool: Off You Pop, Klopp

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Read somewhere your big boned arse works for the regulator.

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From a narrative and romance perspective, the likes of Xabi Alonso and De Zerbi sound like great fits. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, especially if the want to continue playing with Klopp’s philosophy.

Closer fits would be the likes of Nagelsman, Bielsa or promoting Ljinders. Ange is another manager that fits their current style more. That would ensure some level of continuity and consistency at the top.

The omission of a certain individual is rather telling, but not surprising.

The scousers would chase him out of the city faster than you can say "process".


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Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in football in last 6-7 seasons.
This is it, I´ve said it.
I´ve always prefered him to Pep.

He doesn´t need enormous budget to win trophies and I always prefer to watch his Liverpool
than Pep`s team.

When he took over Borussia Dortmund, they were carcrash of a squad.
Bayern had a budget 2-3 times bigger than Dortmund´s.
And he won Bundesliga twice and played CL final with Dortmund.
He left Dortmund in better shape than it was before him.

Similar story in Liverpool, when he took over them, they were carcrash of a team.

Basis of his game was always gegenpressing, pace, intensity, directness.
Always to press the opponent and to recoup the ball, this is foundation.
He didn´t invent gegenpressing, but he developed it and improved it.

Throughout his career he kept his identity, but he was always flexible.
He is always improving tactically and constantly adopting new ideas and know-how.

In his Dortmund and early Liverpool years his teams, due to intensity of play, used to concede
goals in last minutes of the match due to tiredness.
Last 4-5 years he improved it with better rotation and they are now intense all the match,
very often scoring late winners.
Now they win matches they should lose or drew (unlike Arsenal)

He knows how to use other people´s ideas and he trusts his associates and scouting department.
From what I´ve heard, he doesn´t insist on certain players when Liverpool wants to buy somebody.
Apparently he was sceptical about Salah, but he believed Liverpool scouts and analysts.
During his Liverpool career, he brought only 3 really expensive players (Alisson, VVD, Nunez)
VVD and Alisson are WC players, we will see about Nunez.

Few days ago I watched Croatian podcast about Premiership led by some enthusiasts and pundits working
on Croatian sport TV channels and they showed graph Annual Salary (i.e. club annual wage bill) vs. Points in
last 6 seasons.

Liverpool, Brentford and Man City (could you believe it about them) are biggest overachievers.
Man Utd, Chelsea and Everton are biggest underachievers.
Arsenal is in the middle, neithee underachiver nor overachiever.

For me 2 best managers who consistently deliver results, win trophies etc. with limited budget are Klopp
and Diego Simeone in Atletico Madrid.
When I say consistently, it means not 1 season but last 10 seasons.

It is very difficult to achieve this what Klopp has succeeded with Liverpool, their style of play.
They have high ball posession, and yet they are very fast, direct using long, diagonal balls.

I watched them yesterday against Chelsea and I was impressed.
Joe Gomez as inverted LB, and his passing.
I remember how horrible he was last season and I saw him yesterday, practically new player.
This kid I saw yesterday first time, Conor Bradley as RB, was MOTM, 2 asists and 1 goal.
Now you see how deep is their squad.

Klopp has chosen really good moment to go, leaving Liverpool in impressive shape, ready to fight for
all trophies.
Good for Arsenal is that he is leaving, and whoever will be his successor will not be at his level
(not immediately).

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