Just Met Vieira, Toure, Gilberto, Bergy and Pires



I just got back from meeting a few arsenal players! they came to this hospital i used to be in..so i got invited to meet them! all of them were very kind and nice and took the time to sign anything and have a chat.

i Met..

Robert Pires - Very cool guy, said to him is he playing in the charity game later tonight and he said no, i asked because it said he was gonna play.

Kolo Toure - very funny and talkative, and was more then happy to sign my programe and home shirt.

Pascal cygan - again very nice guy and always smiling

Dennis Bergkamp - Very polite and kind, i said well done on scoring yesterday and he smiled and said thanks.

Patrick Vieira - Seemed the most popular guy there, again he was very cool and signed my stuff

Gilberto - smiled alot but looked like he didnt understand much

so yeah, i met them all and it was a great experience, i have my home shirt all signed by them and loads of hand signed photo's.

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Cygan surprised me, I think everyone should give Gilberto a big, sympathetic 'Ahhhh', Kolo really doesn't surprise me, he looks like a really nice guy who's loving his chance at the big time


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I went to 3 of the Junior Gunners partys, my first wos xmas 1997, so i met the players that went on to win the championship, it was a great day, and i even got on sky, ok so it was the back of my head as lee dixon signed my shirt but what the hell! :D


Mate of mine just spotted Freddie in Basewater in the Chinese he goes to a lot. He wasn't sure who the tall black guy next to him was but I think it might be Sol.

Couldn't be Henry as he was busy collecting his "award".


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oh man sounds like the day of a lifetime. the only football star i have met is Dunga. Pretty big star but nothing would rival your day. I guess you could count 2 stars i have met if you include Wynton Rufer (greatest Oceania player ever) but he is not known outside of NZ and australia. Man wish i could meet some of the Arsenal guys one day though. NZ soccer has just received a big Nike sponsorship and they reckon they can get one of the world's top teams out here nex year sometime. i can only dream i guess.


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imagine that!

that would be so cool. the only one ive ever met was Ian Wright, a few years ago mind you.

you must be so happy, that would make my day, my week or year even, id be chuffed to bits!!

as it is im happy today, i got my SIGNED centurions dvd in the post today!
i won it on the AFC website!

gonna watch that at home tonight for sure! :p

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