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I have been reading a lot about Juventus and how they might sack Pirlo. Now, I am nowhere near a football expert and I have only seen Juventus' CL games so there is a huge chance that in the majority of the season Pirlo picked the wrong team or played with the wrong tactics therefore this bad season might mainly be his fault but I don't think they should sack him, I just don't think 1 season is enough to determine his managerial ability, and that he should get one more season with some new signings. If someone watched Juventus this season then i would love to hear what your thoughts are about the team and Pirlo.


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Just saw juve news they likely did something awful yet again they don't resign all like that if there no major concerns.

Turin still investigating them


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Not that many of the big clubs around are that much better but Juve is just a disgusting club. From the match fixing and relegation to Serie B, doping and this


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The vultures will be circling with intent. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Boehly tries to buy their entire first team + the dinner ladies

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