keep kanu and wiltord??

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by dynasty, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I want Wiltord to stay. He's the man who makes things click in the team and he will be sorely missed. His return to training has been noticed in the squads change of fortune recently.

    All in all a lot of people comment on his game but he is the first man at the club he typified Wengers total football. He played on the right, up front, left and in the hole before the rest were getting used to it. He was basically the blue print for it all. Oh yeah, no one will believe this because not everyone gets to see every game and see the players in every movement and flow in the game.

    Wiltord was the design and everyone built up from there. This is why he was Wengers best buy and that is why he is worth every penny we paid for him. I bet Wenger sat back after Anelka left and thought, what now? So he had to rebuild after a shock departure of his prodigy like when Anakin left Obi Wan for Darth Sidious.

    Wenger had to re-assemble a new army of jedi knights. His blueprint was Wiltords free role.

    Santini said to Wiltord, get fit and you will play for France this Summer.

    Who else could operate everywhere like that? Henry was purely left field. Pires purely a wing man - and Freddie, another Wiltord type player was slowly finding his feet in all this. While Wiltord was slotted in game after game in different attacking position and he did the job no questions asked. Either exploiting position, making runs or scoring goals - everything.

    Oh yeah I expect people to fume and smash their fists at what I have said but hey, if that's the case change everything above and replace Wiltord with Henry or any other cover of a magazine player. You'll feel happier.

    I do insist you track back and see our first attacking everywhere you put him player on video or DVD.

    So I think he should stay. :p
  2. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite

    what he said
  3. chris66

    chris66 New Member

    I think kanu is probably gone- usurped by Reyes and still not able to replace Bergy. Wiltord's future however probably has more to do with Pennant than anything else.

    If Wiltord had been fit he would have played a lot of games on the right this year in rotation/place with Freddie. I can't see him getting much chance as an out and out striker, as Henry has that role with Reyes/Aliadierre/RVP as back up. But on the right there is a squad place up for grabs - it will either go to Wiltord or Pennant. If Pennant is sold then Wiltord may stay, If Pennant stays Wiltord will be so far down the pecking order that there is no way they will justify his wages and he will be let go.
  4. stumpi1

    stumpi1 New Member

    well said dynasty
  5. Arsenal316

    Arsenal316 New Member Elite

    They will both leave. I don't want both of them back. I want both to leave, and they will. Wiltord will go back to France, and Kanu will probably to antother EPL team.
  6. Great Gunman

    Great Gunman New Member

    Exactly another Gooner who thinks alike, what have Kanu and Wiltord done this season? I will tell what they are been doing this season - Jack ****.

    1 - Wiltord, he slows the flow down of our game
    2 - He is crap on the wing and up front
    3 - He doesn?t score enough goals
    4 - He is the most expensive player we bought approximately cost £13m.
    5 - AW offered him the chance to sign a 2year contract, which he refused. I wouldn't give him 1yr extension let alone 2years

    Kanu - Basically he is just pocketing £45k a week without doing anything and he isn't 27yr old, like he said. He is been 27yrs old for about 2yrs. Looking at the bone structure, I would say he over 30yrs.

    The sooner we got rid off those two players the better, good riddance, I say. Arsenal is a business not a social club. :x :x
  7. dynasty

    dynasty Active Member

    #1 how does he slow our game again???when he is part of our counter attackers...
    #2wow scoring around 15 goals...does good tracking back..is pretty weak as a wing man..
    and he has played good upfornt...just not with henry
    #3 15 goals not enough???hmm how many does bergkamp score??reyes??? man i bet you he has better ratio than reyes or bergkamp
    #4 yes it is his fault we payed 13 mill for him..it was bordaux fault..wasnt he only suppose to be 8???except they hiked it up???
    #5 so its your last big payday!!!you wouldnt wanna try and get a longer contract???hmmm....

    Kanu...again is it his fault he is in that wages??shouldnt we blame wenger for offering that????
    so if your doing good in your job..your gonna tell you manager to cut your pay ryt???

    i just think peolpe here under rate there contributions..this year they havnt done much..because of the fact they havnt played as much..
    but every time kanu and wiltord plays...most of the time they put in a good performance
  8. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    When did SW11 score fifteen goals?
    I think it's pretty clear that barring a Lazarus style resurrection, his days at Highbury are numbered.
    He doesn't complement Henry as a strike partner, whilst I recognise his value to the team when Thierry is unavailable, what's the point in keeping someone who wants to play up front but is incompatible with the best player at the club?
  9. dynasty

    dynasty Active Member

    wiltord scores about 15 goals a season for arsenal..except for this season..cus of injuries....

    about him wanting to play upfront...its his prefereed position..but it doesnt mean he is unhappy to play wide...
    the only thing i dont like about keeping kanu and wiltord is there wages..
    but i think it will be pretty risky if we dont keep at least one of them
  10. lewdikris

    lewdikris New Member Elite

    Reggiepaul's point about Wiltord is pretty much correct ... and also the reason he needs to leave. Remember what Wenger said about letting Gio go at the beginning of the season? Something along the lines of "it's unfair to keep him when I have young players who can do the job that he does backing up Cole". The same applies to Wiltord vs the Van Persies, Pennant's, Bentleys and Aliadiere's of this world. Wiltord can and does play everywhere pretty good, but I don't think, for all his versatility, he gives us anything the kids don't have - and have to a greater degree than him in terms of talent. So why block their paths just to keep him?

    He's an over-maligned player, and he's made important contributions to the club, but I don't think there's any need for him anymore.

    And as for Kanu ... he can just go.
  11. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    In early Arsenal years, Wenger loved the 95 Ajax side - Overmars, Kanu, Bergkamp (doing a Litmanen) and a near swoop for R De Boer are evidence. Kanu really didn't fulfill that early promise. Watchinga re-run of the 95 CL Semi against Bayern when he was at Ajax - he was immense. At that time, you didn't develop any sceptical or negative remarks about his finishing and how un-clinical it was, but you admired his unique style and ability to play at his own tempo.

    He can still bring different things to our game, in certain games. Whether that comfortable option is worth 40 000 a week is open to debate. I do love his ball holding, and performances in big matches. Remember, he is young too, and the role he played this season was too limited to make an impression. He did, however, star at Villa, West Brom and at Inter Milan at the same time as being an excellent partner for the youngsters when needed.
  12. JGooner

    JGooner New Member Trusted

    Kanu is not young, and certainly not 24 or whatever he is offically registered as. Don't invest too much faith in Nigerian birth certificates.
  13. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    He is 27 - start of peak, and in light of Wiltord's, Pires's and Bergy's age; he is young.

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