Kia Joorabchian Involvement With Arsenal FC


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Like yes the club is badly run, but they're not actual idiots. They know that Luiz and Cedric are a bit crap, but they're in a tight spot and it's convenient. Surely the payoff is that down the line the club gets an actually good player out of it?
Makes complete sense but everytime I try to apply logic/optimism to this club's actions I get disappointed in a major way.

I'm simply done with them. I'm sure (am I?) that we'll have at least one good season in the next five or so years. I'm just going to wait for that.


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One of the more interesting/worrying parts:
The fear in certain quarters is that Arsenal’s executive team are wed to a select set of voices and marginalising those with an alternative view, particularly when it comes to transfers and planning. Nobody doubted the club’s approach needed modernising in the post-Wenger era and that is why there was surprise when Sven Mislintat, the head of recruitment, moved on in February 2019.

Since then, the suggestion is that Arsenal have surrendered a coherent approach to player-spotting and handed too much power to the contacts books of Edu and the head of football, Raúl Sanllehi. Some members of staff are believed to feel frozen out and there is particular angst that Arsenal, who also conducted a revamp of their academy staff in November, may be losing ground in any chase for the best young players. One former employee claims the club’s approach no longer fitted their values and the high-performance culture fostered under Wenger has been allowed to ebb away.

There is a view that Arsenal’s hierarchy are awkward customers. It has not gone unnoticed among certain club personnel over the past two seasons that certain agents and contacts do not return calls as frequently. One player representative says he sighs inwardly when an Arsenal number shows up on his phone; another is strongly critical of their communication skills.


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Why the media were not worried when he got them Ramires Oscar Luiz Willian? The club maybe want to change approach because it was not working with Ivan and wenger.


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I i don't give a f**k about the media or about Kia our deals last summer were excellent apart from luiz we should keep doing what we doing but not let kia take more control.


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Only Luiz and Cedric since wenger gone it was brought by super agent all our signings super agents didn't involve in only pepe we got help by mendes and we only paid 13m for agents in a yead 7th in PL behind Everton and Leicester.

I just don't get it really what media want?


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Imagine forcing Sven Mislintat out of the club and then putting leaks out there that the club wants to follow the Dortmund model.

:lol: :lol:

Raul the fraud wants to replicate the Dortmund model with Denis Suarez ffs.

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