Kia Joorabchian Involvement With Arsenal FC

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, May 31, 2020.

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    Don't care what level of involvement he has if we win big titles in the next 3 years.
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    Why are people on twitter saying Raul got sacked? WTF?
  3. ArrstdDvlpmnt

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    Corinthians won a title after he invested in players for them, then left when things became too hot to handle (a court issued an arrest warrant against him for money laundering) and Corinthians got relegated after six months.
  4. Tom349

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    Doing a bit of digging and finding some interesting stuff about Kia.

    First we talk about his current involvement but David Dein and Kia supposedly have or at least had a close relationship and David tried getting Kia into the club in the early 2000's, also tried getting Tevez and Mascherano to the club in 2006. A year later Dein left the club, could this be one of the disagreements Wenger and Dein had that led to them parting ways?

    That leads to Edu who I believe is represented by Darren Dein. I can't find this anywhere to confirm but I recall reading something about Darren Dein being Edu's representative and that would explain the Kia involvement since Edu took up his role last year. In the 18 months Raul had been involved in the club prior to Edu arriving (9th July 2019) we didn't sign a single Kia client, since Edu arrived we have signed 3 (signed Luiz on the 8th of August, Cedric and Willian) but not only that but Kia agency was used when we dealt Iwobi to Everton also on the 8th of August. The same summer Kia's agency was also supposedly used when Everton secured Ricarlison from Watford and Bernard from Shaktah, at the very least Sports Invest UK was used to bring Ricarlison to Watford.

    A couple of other notable things worth mentioning. Was largely responsible for Robinho moving to City and also tried getting Kaka there. Widely known that he is responsible for Luiz, Ramires and Oscar to Chelsea. Close links with Pini Zahavi agent of Zaha and Hoijberg thus Mourinho thinking Arsenal were in for him only for Kia to say we never tried for him. Also think he owns Giuliano Bertolucci or is a close associate who is the agent of Diego Carlos, Marquinhos, Guimarez. The two of them have worked on deals for Coutinho to Barca, Eder Militoa and Renier Jesus to Madrid. This is all pretty common knowledge but some of you may not know.

    Essentially Kia is involved with any talented Brazilian footballer who is looking for a move in Europe. I think when we have the funds to be able to make moves we will start getting some of those high end clients.
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    Good work, nice positive light for a change
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    Top post, great research.
  7. GDeep™

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    The investigation into Raul, and his sacking more or less, now sheds a new and interesting light on to the Amy Lawrence story on the Luiz transfer.

    We’re still waiting for the lawyers and paperwork which Kia threatened but still hasn’t surfaced months later.
  8. El Duderino

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    Didn't even issue a request for the athletic to retract the story...
  9. BigPoppaPump

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    Can you explain?
  10. GDeep™

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    Amy Lawrence, very respected on here and in Arsenal world, dropped a story saying it cost Arsenal nearly 25M to have David Luiz for one season, with all the fees we paid to various middle men.

    The bum squad on here started crying and called her a liar, because she was going after their precious Raul/Kia.

    Kia then said this story is false, he has all the paperwork, and he is getting his lawyers on to this. 4 months later and nothing, the story is still there, Kia hasn’t shown any paperwork and his lawyers have done **** all.

    Now, obviously there are stories of Arsenal bringing in lawyers to investigate transfers, and Raul has been sacked - this only adds further fire and credibility to the Amy Lawrence story saying Luiz actually cost us 25M for one season, and she wasn’t lying like AM bum squad tried to claim.
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    If we paid anywhere remotely close to that number, we got mugged in broad daylight. FFS, Johnny ****ing Evans went for 3M a year earlier to Leicester.

    Looks like the Willain total outlay may be 33M based on the 220K week total reported, although on it'll be 120k/week or 6M/year on wages, which means with shelled out 15M on signing bonuses and 'other fees'.

    Pretty sure there will be more iffy numbers to come out of the Cedric and Mari deals.

    These deals don't look smart if these numbers are even remotely close.
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    Yeah if Edu is about that getting bent over by Kia life he can get tf out too.

    Christ, couldn't Monchi have just said yes, fml :(
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    Luiz £24m, imagine that. We already have Mustafi and Sokratis if we want to give the opposition more free kicks around the box and extra penalties.
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  14. GDeep™

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    Bum Squad really have nothing to say now, can’t with a straight face question the Amy Lawrence story, imagine paying 25M to have Luiz for one season, in which he was poor in nearly every game, and helped us finish 8th.

    He’s a good character though I suppose.
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  16. Marjorie

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    Really not surprised to see this guy backing Kia

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    About time our director said something.
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    Thats it then. We can lock this.
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    He’s got a point, but also let’s see what he does regarding Cedric

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