Kia Joorabchian Involvement With Arsenal FC

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, May 31, 2020.

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    In these times it is inevertible you have to pay some agent and other fees to sign players. So no doubt we did like all clubs. But I'm a bit sceptical about those figures from Amy for two reasons. One is that it is becoming apparent that these journalists have got no clue whatsoever about the finer details of a player's contract. They rely on 'sources'. Sometimes it is the truth, other times not so much. Perfect example is that The Athletic was adamant Luiz signed a two year deal when he moved to us. Turned out he was only given a one year contract. To me if they can get such basic info about the length of a contract wrong, how confident can we be for them to get the finer details and the exact breakdown of the contract right? They might be right, who knows but they could easily have got it wrong again.

    Secondly, we still don't pay out as much in agents/intermediaries as other clubs


    Having said all of that it is concerning the way we seem to be wasting money in the transfer market. I'm not as critical as others about Mari and Cedric but it does seem like it wasn't the wisest decision when we seem to be well stocked in those areas. Also spending nearly £30m on Saliba when it seems he is a long way from the first team is bad use of resources.
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    Carragher acting like Willian is some scrub ffs he was best chelsea player last season maybe along with Pulisic. what's wrong with this transfer is the length of the contract nothing to do with the quality.
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    He wasn’t Chelsea’s best player, only Arsenal fans say this.
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    maybe not best but he was in top 3 he was good with them last season. but to be fair he not player that's give 7/10 every game that what chelsea fans did warn us about.
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    “The fact is, I had nothing to do with the signing of Willian”

    Erm, except for being his agent. :lol:
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    you can't blame kia for this you blame Edu and Arteta they easily should have said no after he said Willian want 3 years contract that's why chelsea wanted 2 years maximum.
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    Can't believe Arteta wanted Willian so badly. Was he asleep during his time at City? How does he not know what genuine quality is?
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    Yeah proper weird he wanted him so much. Must feel obliged to play him now
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    Another negative against Arteta that his fanboys won’t accept.
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    His fans won’t accept it even when he says it openly. They refuse to accept he decided Özil situation
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    Still waiting for all these proofs and lawsuits against Amy Lawerance because she told us the truth about David Luiz one year deal costing us 24 M.
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    Technically he’s not his agent, as he’s not licensed in UK believe it or not. Last I checked unlicensed agents are prohibited from transfers in British football.

    So in a weird way, he’s telling the truth. Amazingly.

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    Kia is taking shots at Arteta for ruining his favourite club, fair enough
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    Never got William, he never impressed me, such a one dimensional player. Has the creativity or a cabbage. The only possible thing that I can think of that makes him Brazilian could be how he grooms himself downstairs.
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    A lot of this Kia influence stuff is rumour and conjecture. We don't know exactly what's been going on. I find it almost impossible to believe the £25m Luiz stuff is correct for example.

    Irrespective we need to firmly kick this guy and whatever influence he has / had to the curb, if only for PR. I've no doubt he's as dodgy as hell. If you're going to get into bed with one of these slime ball agents at least make it one of the top ones.
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