Kia Joorabchian's Transfer Targets: January 2020

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by American_Gooner, Dec 17, 2019.


Which area of the pitch is the biggest priority to improve in January?

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  1. Full-back

  2. Centre-back

  3. Central Midfield

  4. Attack

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  1. Malky

    Malky Established Member

    Sell the ****ing lot of them.
  2. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    Finally someone who listens to me! :D

    Seriously, if they can pull that off satisfactorily, I'll be over the moon.


    If they can manage to move Xhaka and Mustafi to make it happen, well....
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  3. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Saw a lazy link to Thomas Lemar earlier. Probably most likely to go to France, but could be a really smart signing for the right price.
  4. Sanchez11

    Sanchez11 Superior Journalist To Charles Watts

    Martinelli plays where exactly?
  5. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    He's a teenager so he shouldn't be forced to play too much.

    Lemar I'd want as an attacking mid anyway, although the idea of Isco is far more appealing. Lemar is a lot more realistic however.

    I'd assume Torreria plays the Fernandino/Gundagon role with Ceballos and Lemar playing as brokes man version of one of the Silva' and KDB.

    That said, we couldn't convince Lenar with Wenger here and knocking around the champions league spots - the question is, who has fallen off more? Us or him?
  6. Gunner-Union

    Gunner-Union Well-Known Member

    always thought dacoure is what we have needed, he is not a dm but a box to box who can defend very well but his powerful pacy drives forward are what we don’t have atm. Partner him with another box 2 box and a dm between them
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  7. Gunner-Union

    Gunner-Union Well-Known Member

    Def him but I never thought he was that good anyway
  8. Sanchez11

    Sanchez11 Superior Journalist To Charles Watts

    He didn't light it up in Barca did he. Is he that good, im not sure. Martinelli needs as much game time as possible imo.
  9. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Dr. Pangloss

    I mean we did convince Lemar it was just way too late in the day, he would've come but the deals were so late, especially with Lemar playing for France that same day.

    It proved to be good that we didn't actually sign the kid considering the 92m price tag.
  10. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I think the Lemar rumour is a bullshit one. However, he is young, technical, versatile and talented. He also needs to rebuild his career. A move to Serie A would be more probable, but you never know.
  11. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Dr. Pangloss

    I mean it would be nice to have a decent crosser of the ball on one side and a Pepe on the other. Lemar is technically good.

    Nobody really knows what we're going for until Arteta's first few games are out the way. Dont even care about the results as long as I see a specific style of play.
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  12. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    Would be interesting to see what Lemar gets sold for, transfermarkt has his current value at €27mil, we were ready with 92mil, crazy what one good season can do to inflate a fee.
  13. Divided_Pie

    Divided_Pie Well-Known Member

    Saka is a decent crosser of the ball. Needs time but he fits the bill. Assuming Martinelli eventually moves to striker I like the potential of S-M-P across the front.

    Don't see why Lemar would be any kind of priority with the needs at CM, CB, and FB.
  14. ChefMan21

    ChefMan21 Well-Known Member

    I like his versatility, which might be handy if he's less than £25m. Not a priority but certainly versatile.
  15. truth_hurts

    truth_hurts Well-Known Member

    Immediate priority? No, but if we are trying to go to a possession based game, this is the type of player that we need. I doubt he'd be sold for less than 50m though.
  16. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Dr. Pangloss

    Yeah I get this as well to be fair. Priority must be CM and CB. By the end of Jan it would nice to have Partey/Ndidi and a centre back whilst clearing out some players.

    For me if we can do it the priorities for this Jan are -

    Selling Kolasinac (Who's out until Jan anyway) And bringing in a replacement
    Selling Xhaka and bringing in a replacement
    Selling Mustafi and bringing in a replacement

    I'd say in that order as well. Left back purchase for obvious reasons, Tierney is out for a while. Desperately need a number 6 and CB as well. Not sure how well they can do it this window though, especially if they want Ndidi.
  17. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    Imagine wanting a player here and never caring to even spell his name right...
  18. Flying Okapis

    Flying Okapis Most Well-Known Member

    How pedantic can you be :lol:
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  19. #254

    #254 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. I reckon he could reach close to Gnabry level with consistent playing. With a proper team around him, I couldn't rule out Mbappe levels or slightly below that. That's how much confidence I have in his ability.
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  20. Newchange

    Newchange Well-Known Member

    I appreciate it’s a matter of opinion but lemar is the last thing we need. Weak physically and even weaker mentally.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2019
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