Kieran Tierney: Tesco’s Finest


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Tierney's a decent offensive weapon, has a pretty intelligent delivery but he's not touching Trent in that arena - nobody is in the PL. He's the most reliable creator in his position by far. I'd also argue that Robertson is a more reliable offensive weapon at this point - particularly when it comes to dribbling. Tierney attacks space really well though and I think he's probably a better defender than both. Liverpool's set-up protects their full-backs because their midfield goes through a **** ton of work defending laterally. Tierney for me does really well on 1v1s often and never looks outmatched - even against Adama Traore, who beats everybody on the dribble, I thought he did mostly well bar a couple brief moments.


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KT would never get into Pool’s team as things stand, sorry. Nowhere near either of their fullbacks (yet).

ATT’s delivery is levels above he’s an attacking force, KT can only cross at the moment really. He can’t even speak to Saka if we’re gonna talk about going forward from LB position really.
Who is ATT?


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Even there he’s just a favourite for no reason.

Why comes out of all those kids he got the boots? Clearly does some kinda juuj or something.

Doesn't the woman say in the video (12 seconds) he thought Tierney was the best player?

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