Kieran Tierney: Tesco’s Finest


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Brilliantly taken goal. He beat his man in the box instinctively like Scottish players used to do when they grew up learning how to dribble in the streets.


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I think Scotland should be proud of their options at left back though, I think they have 2 of the best LBS in the world tbf.

Tierney has everything in his locker to be a future captain to gotta love his attitude to the bone thats what we need.


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Can't find the clip but someone on Arsecast mentioned in a training vid Luiz called out Tierney for taking two touches in one touch football and Tierney runs and thumps a couple of footballs in a rage :lol:


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No fullback is perfect, look at taa and robinson as prime examples. Tierney has his faults but the boy is class, he has arsenal in the way he plays and the way he acts. He is still young and in a few years he could be the best in europe and also our captain.


The whole "not enough bad guys" narrative is so annoying. If players show character by standing up for themselves and their team-mates or call out others for their bullshit (like Tierney did there), I like to see that.

Pathetic stuff like Tierney's "head injury" (Evans did the same thing in the first half) on the other hand needs to get out of the game and be punished with suspensions.

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