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Yep, crossplay is on Cold War. I'd suggest the majority of next gen games, even including sport games like Fifa, 2K etc. will all support crossplay. No longer do you have to subject yourself to some of these games at 60fps with no FOV. Downside is the hackers though of course.
Isnt the FOV thing just for PC or is that coming in too? Its weird because when the PS3 and PS4 came out I was excited about graphics/ new releases etc but the thing I am most excited for with this gen is the FPS increase and reduction of input delay. I guess thats the direction gaming has gone. On fortnite/warzone/cod I just feel like there's a parachute on my back on PS4, everything you do is so delayed and it almost ruins everything. Should be getting my PS5 delivered by the end of March, I can't wait.


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We all do it though, don't we? Try to tone the Scottishness down when speaking to non-Scots people. (I'm assuming you're Scottish). I find myself trying to speak slower and at the same time being conscious of what I'm saying incase I chuck some random Scottish word in there that no-one understands.

Yeah, you have to. I work in Edinburgh in a small company of about 30 people, & there must be about 10 nationalities in amongst us. I always laugh when I hear a couple of the older ladies tell some off the non Scots to go 'ben that other room & have a look, & the guys are wondering who the heck Ben is? :lol:

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If the players can understand Mikel's rapid speech and accent, they'd have no problem with KT's. If they couldn't understand him, he'd just shout at them louder anyway :lol:

He's my favourite current Arsenal player but I'm not sure he needs the armband currently. He acts like as a captain without the armband anyway. He's a natural leader.
West Ham 3-3 Arsenal


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very disappointing today. Seems the last week spat between him and Auba caused mikel to tinker and put Auba at the right. Very weird.

Xhaka, Saka and Tierney usually gave us a nice solid core which would manage the game, but its looking like all three are somewhat tanked out. A break should do them good. Tierney switched off a few times during the match, which is not usual for him.

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Still looks tired but made some runs
which were ignored/unseen and was sold enough if unspectacular. Hope Scotland don't break him.

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Poor game and probably last game In Europe as well. Great block 2nd half. He will push himself to prove that it is just a bit of bad form. Quality player and a bargain as well

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We need a backup or a player to create competition for the LB position.

A skillful and intelligent left back would do. Don’t want any traditional skilless cross spamming left back.

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