Kieran Tierney: Tesco’s Finest


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I absolutely love this man.

He is somehow both a passion merchant, but also a top quality rarely get that mix these days, elite player.

Please never leave, and also become our captain.


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The fitness issue will have to improve but i won't be surprised the injures will slow down next season because of there not much overload and no European football too
Although it is a risk factor, getting frequently injured isn’t necessarily a fitness issue. Way more complex than that. The sport science community has pretty much given up on the idea (for now) regarding predicting injuries because of the complexity of it.


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Unlike with ESR, his contract runs out next year. We still had a year to evaluate Tierney before pulling trigger on a raise. He has 3 years left. At 2 years, you make decision to sell or renew
Cause that's worked so well for us in the past. When a player is good (and Tierney is better than good) you have to show them the love. If you leave it it places questions over how much the club actually value you. Meanwhile other clubs are whispering to your agent.

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