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Kieran Tierney: Underrated or getting off Scot free?


I think it was just precaution more than anything else. Parrott stood on his head by the looks of it but he didn’t look happy to go off and wanted to keep playing. He seemed fine tbh so I’d be surprised if we said it was concussion and I’d expect he’ll be available on Tuesday night (we play Ukraine away).


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Looks like all Arsenal players got withdrawn to me, any excuse to pull them out type deal.


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He’s trying to learn the role apparently, saw him tucking into midfield a few times against Brentford. Hopefully he’ll be able to provide more variety to his game now.
Taylor was a whipping boy for a lot of last season. Ange had him playing inverted and he really struggled then one game it clicked and since then been consistently one of the best players in the team.

Not surprised at all that Tierney has reached out to him.

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Tierney had an aerial "clash" with Doherty earlier in the game, Doherty didn't even touch him and he went down pretending he'd been elbow by Jon Jones.

Don’t think the FA should look into it?

I think it’s sus that a Sp**s player has injured ours right ahead of the NLD personally.

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Maybe Arteta took him because we unsure about Zinchenko will make it against Liverpool. Still he been doing well this season when he been playing


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Didn't know he had that shot in his locker. Wonder if it was fluke or not
No fluke, he has had good shots, and remember that one for Arsenal with his wrong foot to top corner when it snowed a lot? He has a powerful shot.



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He's very good, we can't forget that just cause we have a shiny new toy in Zinky Winky...having him and Olek in the squad gives us two different and starting quality left back options.

Both seem fairly injury prone too, so both will end up getting plenty of minutes!

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