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Kluivert would prefer Arsenal over Newcastle


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I'd like to see who Barca land...Thierry, David or Ruud? I'm inclined to think they won't get any of those three :lol:

As for Kluivert, it'd be nice. Hopefully (very hopeful here) he'll come to us coz he wants to, and likes Wenger etc and can live with our not-so-good finances....

He would be a great partner for Titi up front - just what we need.


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henry isn't going anywhere. barca is dreaming if they think otherwise. kluivert would be a good addition, but not a desperately needed one.


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Only thing is, he's cheap. Although his wages probably won't be.


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H ewould definetely love to join us! hes made no secret of this in the passed, in fact we nearly signed him after France 98 from Milan for 8m. Us and Man Utd were in for him and he was supposed to have accepted less to join us. Then Milan decided to up the price by 2m as more interest came from spain, we pulled out and he joined Barca about 2 months later. So if Wenger wanted him for 8m then 1.2 sounds ok in my book. The wages will now be a big sticking point tho as he's now on a reported 120,000 whereas, when we tried to get him he was out of the Milan side on around 25,000!


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i actually heard him say it in an interview.

no way ill henry leave unless barca offer something too good for the board to refuse eg. stadium money.


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quattro said:
henry isn't going anywhere. barca is dreaming if they think otherwise. kluivert would be a good addition, but not a desperately needed one.

You know, usually I'd agree with Kluivert not being desperately needed, but I think it's obvious that we need another striker to partner Henry up front....Kluivert would be great, though I doubt we will get him.


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we need someone who will occupy the minds of the opposing defense ... Wiltord doesnt exactly strike fear into a defensive back four as a Kluivert.. so he would be a better option for sure.. providing he can behave himself

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I dont agree that they have Gio, I think he's really good, and along with Toure can play in the most positions, we should give him a shot with a free-kick (which he's supposed to be good at) I want Gio!


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No, I don't think Gio would come back and play for us.

Can't blame him really. He's in the Barca first team whereas here he was on the bench.


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F*ck Kluivert. Him and Henry wouldn´t work, especially since Kluivertr is an Ego-Driven money-hunting spoiled brat.

Why spend so much money on the guy???

We should go after real bargains that match perfectly with Henry - FORSELL e.g. would be perfect.

Kluivert would mean trouble and at least a 60-80.000 Pound wage/week.


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Here's something new on Kluivert and I don't know about him ever
becoming a Gunner...

http://www.football365.com/All_News/Bre ... 7345.shtml

Barcelona striker Patrick Kluivert has admitted his days at the Nou Camp may be numbered but insists Newcastle won't be his next club.

The English Premiership side have made enquiries regarding the Dutch international's availability but have yet to make a formal offer. And while Kluivert has often spoken of his desire to play in England, he was quick to stress Newcastle wouldn't be his first choice.

"I understand Newcastle are a big club but I cannot see myself playing for them," he said. "I mean no disrespect to the club but it is not a move that I am looking for, I have always spoken of my interest in playing in England one day but Newcastle I think is not the club for me. I don't know if any other English clubs want me so we will have to wait and see what happens over the next few months."

Kluivert, who is yet to score this season, is available at a knock-down price, after accepting a cut in wages during the summer when Barca dramatically cut their wage bill, on the condition that his buy-out clause be slashed.

It is believed that Barca might be forced to accept as little as £1.5million for the striker, given that his wages dwarf those of other squad members. And, even given the low fee, that could appeal to president Joan Laporta after Kluivert's performances this season.

He seems to be suffering from a lack of confidence, a situation not helped by the constant barracking from the Barca boo-boys.

"I have been a professional for 10 years and I have never experienced anything like this before," Kluivert admitted. "Why do the fans think that it will help the team if they whistle me, this is not good for me and it is not good for the team. Now more than ever we need the fans to get behind us.

"I am upset because at the start of the season I agreed to take a pay cut to stay at Barcelona. I thought that would prove my loyalty to the club but the fans seem to have forgotten this already. It makes me sad because I have always loved Barcelona but I now feel that I am being driven out.

"I know I am paid to do a job but I will not stay here forever if the abuse continues. It is not what I play football for and I will not stay if I am not wanted. There has been a great deal of speculation about my future and I know Newcastle have spoken to Barca about my contract. I am unsure for how long I will be a Barca player because of the current climate but I do not think anything will come of these rumours."

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I've always been a great fan of Kluivert. I'd love to see him in red and white for us and as he has professed his adulation of DB10 maybe he will come.


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all insiders are saying that we are his first choice, but i can't see how we can pay his wages, especially if chelsea are in for him.


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We're paying so many players wage demands I can't see how anothers would be such a problem if that player is exactly what we need, it'll be worth it.

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