OFFICIAL Konstantinos Mavropanos (Out)

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Hopefully there is a massive sell on clause attached to that. Stuttgart aren't exactly a wealthy team but strike me as a club that would get a fair value if they move a player on. 7m is a sizeable profit on a player who barely featured and cost us 1m. We should be looking to do a few transfers like that every season. The last decent one I recall is Bielik. Bought for a mininal amount and sold for 10m.


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Should have a buy back option inserted ... Think we will regret selling him personally


Can see him starting for a CL club in the future. He has all the physical attributes to be a top CB...just needs minutes and experience to hone his game.


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HUH??!! Wheatley better be chatting ****. That’s terrible money.

Better off loaning him to a PL side.
We could loan Palace half a team really. God knows they'll need it. Mavro, Nelson, Nketiah, Willock, Willian. It'd be a double win as they'd be developing our players and we'd be guaranteed 6 points since they wouldn't be able to put out a full 11 when facing us 😏


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10-15M you really can't ask for more we bought him for like 2m. It's either loan or 10m at least. We made a positive profit.


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£10m for Mavro is an absolute steal if we let him go for that. Should be Championship clubs all over us at that price. Hope we put in a buy back.


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I thought he looked very good against Norway, granted we're rubbish at the moment. He played in a back three, and kept Haaland quiet.

Is it his distribution that makes him unwanted with Arteta? Seems that is a big thing for Mikel. Looks a very good buy for Stuttgart at £7m, I assume we will have a sell-on percentage fee with this deal.


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Is it his distribution that makes him unwanted with Arteta?
Can't be any worse than the wasteful passing from Holding and Luiz we've seen this season, and it's surely not that hard to defend better than they do.

He is probably another guy who wouldn't like to be bullied by some mediocre coach like Arteta
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