La Liga Thread


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****ing hell MARCA you dumb ****s, how the hell does this get past your editors? This is the kind of **** that gives us a bad reputation, just cause a bunch of braindead football 'journos'--the worst of society--let **** like this go public :facepalm:

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Madrid and La Liga in open war with each other :popcorn:

Ahhh La Liga, they can keep saying that but they know deep down that its not true.

If the super league went ahead so many FA's and league associations would have been in tears.

Personally I cant stand all these governing bodies acting like there position is that necessary.

FIFA, UEFA, the FA etc; all these groups act like without them football is over, there main lifeline is leach/tax clubs for hosting tournaments.

They're like a personal assistant to the clubs, not the other way round.


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What interests me is whether the 3 incomings have reduced their salary? Particularly Depay, I imagine when he signed on a free it was for quite a high wage, has he also reduced his wage or is he just letting a club legend do it to make room for his big salary? Not sure I'd be able to look Pique in the eye if I were Depay, i'd be a bit embarrassed.


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Real are finished man. The state of that team.

No clue why MBappe wants to join them. Stay and play with Messi and Neymar or go and join fat Eden and OAP Modric.