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La Liga Thread

The White Pelè

Human Highlight Reel
4-1 Valencia FT

2-1 Valencia

3-1 Valencia

4-1 Valencia

Cadiz-Real Sociedad 0-2 FT

1-0 Real Sociedad

2-0 Real Sociedad

Real-Celta 5-2 FT

1-0 Celta

1-1 Real

2-1 Celta

2-2 Real

3-2 Real

4-2 Real

5-2 Real



Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"

Player: Xhaka
Let's hope that means Barca will attract "one of their own" back to La Masia


Arsenal Quotes

When we won the league at Tottenham, they came back 2-2 in the last-minute of the game, and they're celebrating - because they're happy to draw against us, obviously. And I remember saying to Mauricio Tarricco who injured himself celebrating in front of me: "Do you realise we only need a point to be Champions?" And he was utterly shocked. So I said "Yes. Now watch as we're going to celebrate on your pitch. Bye bye!"

Thierry Henry