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La Liga Thread


Author of A-M essays 📚
Em*ry 5 draws in 5 matches.

Taking another club backwards, 60 pts to 58 last season and now how long will it take for these players to stop believing in this fraud now?

But hE's A gOoD mAnAgEr In SpAiN, according to British football fans and Arsenal fans on this forum who don't follow our football at all. 🤪🤪

(He also DiD a gOoD jOb aT aRsEnAl cause yeah, ignore completely obvious tactical incompetence and performance level on the pitch, and 65 pt to 59 pt xG drop, 70 pTs bRuHhhh)


Author of A-M essays 📚
Yunus 😍😍 What explosión and change of rhythm he has wit the ball.

So glad that Bordalás sees him as a CM, between that and him making the league a bit more interesting by restoring quality and direction to València, he has made me a fan.

Can imagine him at a top club soon (Bordalás). Would be a better shout for us then a lot of people I see people wish listing (though I still prefer Potter and Gallardo for their philosophies).

Dreaming of signing Yunus back in 3-4 years when he’s been formed as a CM.
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