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Ansuuu!!! My compatriot!!! Ansu es español español españolll, Ansu es español español españoll 🎶🎶

Very Ansuous to see this boy's career unfold!

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Ahahha Atletico are out! Bilbao reach the final.

1-0 Atletico

1-1 Bilbao

2-1 Bilbao


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Cadiz go through as well. The Seville Derby is 1-1 and it has been suspended due to a metal bar hitting a Seville player.

1-0 Seville

1-1 Betis



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Courtois is really inredible.

Overall very deserved. Could have been nervous in the last minutes if the pen was scored.

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Betis go through in the Copa del Rey derby against Seville after the game was called off yesterday.

There has been a league game as well: Elche beat Villarreal.

The Super Cup final is on: Real vs. Bilbao. 2-0 Real FT.

1-0 Real

2-0 Real


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Arsène Wenger, 2 years before the Invincibles completed the unbeaten league season

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