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Celta-Osasuna and Valencia-Seville for the league and Real Sociedad-Atletico Madrid for the Copa del Rey today.

Celta win, Seville draw and Atletico are out even from the Copa del Rey!

1-0 Celta

2-0 Celta

1-0 Seville

1-1 Valencia

2-0 Real Sociedad



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Barca desperation has reached a new level and trying to force dembele leave now so he don’t leave on free in the summer. This would mean they don’t pay him rest of the season and more importantly he isn’t written off as loss in their accounting books and they using the media to make his stay impossible


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Real turned aroud the match vs. Elche in extra time with 10 men. Isco and Hazard scored.

Barca equalized in the last minute away vs Bilbao.
Extra time going on. Ansu Fati sub off injured again..

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Getafe win 4-2. Real go through and Barca are out, instead.

3-1 Getafe

3-2 Granada

4-2 Getafe

1-0 Elche

1-1 Real

2-1 Real

1-0 Bilbao

1-1 Barca

2-1 Bilbao

2-2 Barca

3-2 Bilbao


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Seville come from 2 goals behind to draw against Celta.

1-0 Celta

2-0 Celta

2-1 Seville

2-2 Seville

Chonoiolo losing again ahahha! Dead manager by now.

1-0 Valencia

2-0 Valencia


The White Pelè

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The White Pelè

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Osasuna beat Granada. Real draw right at the end against Elche.

1-0 Osasuna

2-0 Osasuna

1-0 Elche

2-0 Elche

2-1 Real

2-2 Real


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