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La Liga Thread


Bruce Wayne

Player: Saliba
Well, Madrid look to be winning La Liga for the foreseeable future. Even if they don't get Haaland, a front line of Vini, Benzema and Mbappe is disgusting. If they do get Haaland as well, my goodness. Maybe they even entice Pogba as well.

The White Pelè

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The Copa del Rey quarter-final starts today. Vallecano beat Mallorca and are through.

Valencia-Cadiz is 1-0 at HT, instead.

1-0 Rayo

1-0 Valencia


Yousif Arsenal

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Bilbao knock out madrid. Look like one of Spanish midtable clubs will win it probably Real Betis they having great year


Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Kicking out Barca and Real, but only reached the semis yet..

They would deserve to win the cup.
Real only with 2 copa wins in the last 29 years..

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