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La Liga Thread


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Villareal vs Real is so much fun.

4-4 after Villareal was 1-4 behind at the half. Solorth scored 4 goals, now 3 goals in 12 minutes.


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They don't make them like him anymore, dying kind.
I will always remember his passes and assists.
Like the one to Vinicius against Bayern last month.


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Good luck to Real Oviedo (and in particular Santi Cazorla) as they begin the playoffs, as they look for a return to the top flight of Spanish football for the first time since 2001.

A true Arsenal cult hero and one of the most skilful two footed players I have ever seen, the Little Magician has already had a hell of a career.

He helped guide the team he is most associated with (Villarreal) to their highest ever La Liga finish of 2nd in 2008, when he was arguably their best player and ahead of a Barca team that had the likes of Messi/Ronaldinho/Xavi/Henry/Ineista/Eto'o.

He helped his country and of course the club we all love to drought ending trophies, scoring a crucial pen v Italy in a massive quarterfinals win for Spain and getting man of the match in a cup final for us.

Now can he put the full stop on that already impressive CV by getting the club he grew up supporting back into division 1, a club where he is allowing a large portion of his wages to return in order to also help them financially.

Good luck to one of football's true good guys...


"Oh Santi Cazorla!" :applause:
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