Lauren Lost his place???


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slapz said:
I hope Kolo's brother is half as good as him

Tonight there will be an article posted on the main site telling you reasons why he might be twice the player. :shock: Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun..


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i really dont think its fair to relegate cygan back to the bench,he is playing very well now and lauren must really fight for his place.It is also not good for toure to go play on the left for lauren to fill in at the right.So i say drop lauren for the time being and see how things goes.No player must be guranted a starting place for the team


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i think if lauren comes back and goes to his normal position there is something wrong toure showed everyone against blackburn what he could do playing right back i think it was and he did it well he knew what he was doing and made some good runs and set up the goal i dont see lauren doing that so i say lauren on the bench and toure in right back


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why not try gilberto on the bench as many people dislike him? and lauren on the right midfield.

freddie vieira pires lauren



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lewdikris said:
Simple fact, he's better than Lauren and Cygan, so let them worry who's better. It's all good for us.

Yes totally, but IF he plays as well again at RB then he maybe should stay there. Lauren has always been our weakest in defence.

I think Kolo's pace is a weapon we can exploit more, he makes those runs on right as Cole does on Left.

Actually he looked a little comical as he ran past all those defenders, I had to laugh at his enthusiasm, it's great to watch. He makes us all smile a lot which is good.


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Guns and Arses said:
Lauren is a fine player but he still belongs to the midfield. Right-back is not his natural position. He has not been playing well this season while Toure(whom I think is the best player in the team so far) is very very impressive. The problem is, Cygan has been excellent at the moment and I hope Wenger continues to play him alongside Campbell. I think Clichy will replace Cole at left-back when he's suspended. Therefore, Lauren may be relegated to the bench.

I agree! Toure can play well in most positions. He has shown class in both the CB and RB why not long term RB. Cygan shouldnt be dropped, he is playing too well and is a more natural CB; he shows strength and great passing vision. Kolo can defend and go forward. His run that set up DB10s goal against Blackburn was top draw, we could do with his ability going forward on the right flank. Lauren should be a bench player that gives us excellent defensive and midfield options as cover. Its another Grimandi!

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We should keep Kolo in the middle and Lauren out right, they're both performing well. We might change it in January, either get a RB or CB