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Lautaro Martinez

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That's a ridiculous offer for Lukaku if true. He's not that good, and success in Italy does not always translate into equivalent success in England. The only way that it makes any financial sense is if there is value added in blocking Arsenal's move for Martinez by providing Inter the means to improve their contract offer to him.
And everyone already knows how he is in the Prem. Good to very good but not spectacular. I actually wanted us to go for him a few years ago but he's never a 100m+ player.


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Lukaku isn’t amazing and we’ve seen what he is about, but he is guaranteed a certain threshold of goals which is worth it’s weight in gold.

Looking across world football the established striker market is meady. If you are a mega club with the cash your choices are Lukaku and Kane at the moment.
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We just refuse to address it properly. We needed 2 new starting midfielders last year (or 3 if you include CAM) and only signed 1. We still need 2 and likely aren’t going to sign any. It’s not like there aren’t any out there who would improve us. There are plenty.
Completely agree... One injury away to have Elneny


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Chelsea going in with 130 and a player for Lukaku, that will get it done. Inter won't sell Martinez after that. We can go ahead and lock this up.


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Seems like it's a race against Chelsea. If we want him then we overpay to stop them getting Lukaku.


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This was fun while it lasted. Excellent PR for the club, Martinez gets a bumper new deal.


but Holding’s hair transplant was painless
Lukaku scores 20 plus goals guaranteed. Money well spent.

He was scoring 20 plus in the aprem pre Inter and he's much better now as a player.

I'd rather Kane personally, but let's not pretend that we aren't going to **** it if Lukaku lines up against us. Not sure Werner or Abraham carry the same notoriety.


but Holding’s hair transplant was painless
A club that shows itself to miss out on targets isn’t going to be getting good PR.

Look I haven't fallen for the trap, but enquiring/bidding for Maddison and Laturo is very ambitious and shows money is there.
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