Lautaro Martinez

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Whilst i agree resource allocation wise.. id love lauturo. I sure as hell dont want tammy tho. If this guy isnt available then tammy cant be our fall back. Would be like arsenal tho to help fund chelseas lukaku buy.
We seem to be the ultimate window shoppers. My Inter friend goes weak at the knees every time he talks about Martinez so I've rated him by default for three years now :lol:

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If they're already getting their replacements in, why would they bring Lacazette on massive wages?

Yeah, people need a reality check. There is no way we are shifting our dross on mega bucks to anyone in the current financial climate, without doing some crazy subsidising of the deal.


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The difference between us and Chelsea hurts so bad.
In a few days they got really close to signing Lukaku for a huge fee, they even found clubs for Abraham so he should go pretty fast.

Whereas us, we're still playing 5D chess with the likes of Ødegaard madison and Martinez, I don't know what the **** we're doing.

Season starts next week. And we're starting xhaka elneny, bellerin or Cedric a player who wasn't used that much by Mikel.

How the hell did they think that 2 complete rookies edu and Arteta were fit for one of the hardest rebuild job in the game after 20 years of Wenger. Just sack those 2 MF. The job is way too big for them. Go learn somewhere else in an easier environnement and smaller club.

We can't let our rebuild in the hand of 2 complete rookies. **** this **** I'm done. :facepalm:


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We were never in while Laca and Nketiah are still at the club. Buying Martinez would have then left us with 5 strikers.


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What if we were using Lautaro as a smokescreen for Messi?

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