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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Amrabad


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Keep saying it but they need 10 players to truly compete. The caf is hilarious Arsenal are sh1t no matter what we do, utd are trash and have been very lucky this season imo

Would have been a lot less than 10 if most of 7 hags signings werent completely useless. If you look at the team he's been getting wins with lately in the leauge its mostly Ole players lol, they wanted to get rid of Maguire and McSauce in the summer but now he starts them every game and even fell out with Varane to play Maguire! Pretty baffling.

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Apparently they conceded 11 shots from within their own box and 10 against everton and 7 against Luton. It¨s just not only an Onana issue. 11 shots from within the box sounds like something we'd concede in total over 3 games these days and Gala are no world beaters.
Everton had even more shots in box. I don’t know why the bald fecker is not playing Varane but is playing Maguire. Onana had been playing well last few matches, but they should of kept De gea
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