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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Amrabad


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Man those eye bags look like 100 year-old grandma's skin.

He said conceding 31 shots against Brentford (and many others) is not concerning as long as they get results. :clap:

He also said they concede many shots, but not many goals, and their results have been consistent. Brentford hit the post like four times. :lol:



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so happy they didn’t win in the end, would have been such a disgusting win. United have been getting dominated by every bottom half team this season, they shouldn’t be near European spots


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Ten Hag and Ange


...just a pair of young whippersnappers really!


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Hahahaha that rat Martinez might be out for the season and that's just nice karma. Guy was running around deliverately trying to injure both Ødegaard and Bellinghaim in pre season.


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They thought they would buy a durable Zinchenko, but instead got a midget LCB who butchers his own legs for double the money.

Here is another example what kind of a risk buying a player who has played about 2000 league minutes for three seasons in a worse league, for big money.
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