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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Cristiano Gonealdo


They had a decent first-half. You could see that finally there was intention behind action. Some pressure, fluid movement of the ball... not close to perfection, but certainly not the chaos they produced under Ole.

The second-half was very poor, luckily for them, Fred scored that banger

To say he only had half of a training session in the rain they looked pretty good until fitness became an obvious issue.

****ing sucks seeing them go from this to a proper manager though, kept us so entertained over the pandemic seeing them stagnate week to while while everybody involved went on about long term progress 😄. Hopefully they punt Rangnick upstairs where he will be held back by the owners and bring Poch in the summer.


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Player: Xhaka
ralf couldn’t beat young boys at home? His underwhelming tendencies from Hoffenhein and Leipzig continue I see


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On a serious note I checked Ralfs merits and stats at Leipzig and Hoff and…they are not that impressive? Like at all

Unlike Arteta he's a proper coach who has clear idea of his own philosophy and knows how to implement it to his players and turning it to club's philosophy. That means he knows how to coach and develop players and team to press effectively. Given the talent United have and his coaching, there is potential that he can develop Man United to be the most exciting team to watch. Trophy will come after clear idea is implemented to this team.

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There is no chance of Sol ever leaving for Arsenal. He is a Spurs fan and there is not a hope in hell of him playing in an Arsenal shirt.

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