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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Cristiano Gonealdo


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Hilarious the bitterness at the rag forum. Who seem to think we will end outside Top 6 so according to them Wolves and West Ham will finish above us.

Despise them, biggest deluded fanbase bar none in the league
Of course they are bitter. They have 49 year old Ronaldo with a similar stats season as either Saka or ESR who have gone past Sancho and Greenwood in the pecking order for England, because they play Ronaldo.


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United are Hollywood FC, big names but no proper class players ( Well except Ronaldo and Cavani). They also have a very imbalanced team with a lot of strikers and a lack of wingers. Players like Mctominay and Fred ain't good enough I honestly think that Xhaka/Partey are a better partnership.

Nice watching United being ****, according to their fans and the media man utd have a "super team" :lol::lol::lol:


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One of the distasteful things I have felt about Ronaldo, is how he treats his teammates especially when he feels they should of passed to him, it is as if he feels entitled to every chance. Great play by Newcastle today should of beat them 3-1, probably it was United who hung on for dear life. That pretty much puts them behind our pace. And we hold a match at home on them and could force Sp**s to drop points as we play them as well in a couple matches. The next few matches are crucial like the run we had a month ago.


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They are painfully average. Not sure what Ragnick is going to sort out in 5 months, given they have a random group of players for the type of football he wants to play.


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Outplayed. Outfought. Outthought. By the dross of the Premier League. This is like a bad joke and we’re just waiting for the punchline. Our team is full of absolute mugs who can go get fecked. Merry Christmas.
Sack Rangnick. Sell Ronaldo.
Unjust and undeserved result.

We should have lost

Sell rashford, sack everyone else
Feck off. All of them. Disgusted.
After three days in a row eating turkey, bacon and gravy sandwiches it was refreshing being served up some dogshit.
****e. Our goalkeeper was head and shoulders above the rest when we were up against one of the worst teams in the league. Much like he was when we played the other worst team in the league.
This is why Klopp didn't want to come here. Disney land for adults were players are spoiled over paid *****es afraid of hard work.

Rangnick will really struggle to turn this around, the divas at this club just aren't willing to work hard in a modern pressing system.
****e, so tired of these cnuts.

Looks like RR is yet another dud, I thought his CV looked ****.
We had 85% possession in our own half!
Maguire is a donkey of a footballer who looks likes he’s won a competition to play for United. Hilarious Ole and Ed decided to spend £80m on him. I’m sorry if we really think United are going to be a top team again with him as captain then we’re resigning ourselves to bitter disappointment.
I've never seen a team of such a big club unable to string simple passes together.

Every game we give the ball away and even on a 3 on 1 situation somehow we give the ball away to the 1

It never happened like this until the last half of last season and most of this season.

We should have lost this one.


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I feel like Ralf would bin half of this team if he was given the opportunity. Ronaldo, Bruno, Maguire, the whole lot. Then probably builds the team around Sancho and Greenwood.

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