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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Cristiano Gonealdo


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I do love the desperate sound of a Man Utd fan that feels his club is sliding further into the pit of mediocrity.

These characters make the show unbearable to watch. But I feel like they have a spot at the table to spew provocative and heavily biased opinions just so the show gains more traction on social media.


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I'd say its a bit of both.

On the one hand, a manager needs to show that he can deliver at a high level. This means meeting some immediate targets set by the club as a means of proving that its worth investing further. Thereafter, to build a proper machine, time and investment is required.

Guardiola was given time, with his reputation being the motivation for investment. Same with Klopp and Conte, who were given backing based on their good reputation. Tuchel and Arteta slightly different, both having to achieve something first to warrant any further backing IMO.

Exactly it's about balance, but the immediate target must be to enhance performances consistently; especially at bigger clubs. That's exactly what Wenger did here actually by improving players, win trophies and then after a few years we saw his philosophy.

Even Guardiola adapted to his squad in that first season; often playing a back three and more direct style. Klopp was given time but didn't spend as much plus Liverpool made top four in his first full season.

I just don't understand how Ten-Haag finds it logical playing possession football with this Untied squad. Barely any of their players suit the style and will require spending alot in future transfers to get suitable players. The problem is, they've spent too much already in recent seasons and eventually it becomes unsustainable. Although the situations different, look at Barcelona currently.


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I don't understand why they're whining about the Glazers 24/7

Glazers have spunked more than a billion since Fergie left, they're neck to neck with City when it comes to £££££££ being thrown at. Reading their comments you'd think its a bankrupt club which barely spends a dime.
It’s not the money, it’s how the Glazers run the business. They really don’t show any intelligence when it comes to hiring in key positions. Ed Woodward should have not been in charge of transfers for as long as he is. Player development is in the toilet. When was the last time a United player looked better since joining United? And don’t get me started on their contract negotiations. De Gea is on £400k a week and he can’t pass. Rashford was on more wages than Salah for a long time before Salah’s new contract.


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When is Ten Hag finally gonna come under pressure to get the sack, he's been awful at Yanited so far.


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They are all clamouring for Rashford to be sold now, the same set of fans who made threads claiming he is better than Mbappe lol

The same fans who were beyond insulted when some Arsenal fan said Tierney is better than Shaw, now look at where Shaw is.

Absolutely deluded fanbase, have the nerve to call other groups of fans deluded.


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That's not actually true though.

United's pre-season was incredibly overrated.

Caught Liverpool out very early on and that's about the only *impressive* thing about it.
With us there was progress and stability, United ended with a defeat and a draw.

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