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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Erik Seven Hag


Got 7 accusations last 3 years. Not my fault 🤦‍♂️
Guy’s now trying to get Russian citizenship to escape prosecution lol
Yeah I still think greenwood is worse. This seems like family fight that got out of hand. Having listened to greenwood tape it really seemed like he regularly beats on her. The tape is still out there and listening to it again I forgot how bad it was


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If he manages to come back to form someone will give him a chance. That's how it works unfortunately. He will hire PR agency who will make him a saint and a model citizen and he will play. Likely at United.

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Nah, this is one of the cases where due to what's been made public already I'm okay with calling Greenwood a rapist / domestic abuser because that pretty clearly seems to be what he is.

If the girl pulled out of this case it's very sad. If her family pressured her into doing it they're as bad as Greenwood.

I hope Man Utd do the right thing here.

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I think the tape makes it much harder. Much easier to sell it if it’s not seen or heard
True. But I'm afraid that if he's going to score some goals and play well all will be forgotten. I'm reading here that some resident ManU fans here aren't happy, there's probably a lot more such people in their fanbase. But what can they do? Stop supporting the club they love? Stop caring about football at all? It will never happen.
Many here Iceland have come out and said that police pressure people to not take it all the way when its famous and rich people. You always have to wonder if police have these poor girls best interest in heart. Mind you there is a big culture of violence and sexism in many polices everywhere.


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Tbh she refused to cooperate and they still together. It’s hard to get past that and knowing she would testify on his behalf it’s not worth it. Someone said if it’s up to eth he will play him. He played someone suspected for murder in Ajax lol

Yeah, if that's true there's not much you can do. That just makes it look worse though.

If they are actually still together this could be a classic case. Sadly, its also extremely hard to help externally in that situation.

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With what's happened with Mendy and Greenwood I think it's safe to assume yellow box will never be found guilty either. When you consider the amount of women coming forward against the former and the evidence against the latter, if they can't get convicted then it's pretty safe to assume Partey will never be convicted.

It's crazy, I thought Mendy and Greenwood were sure to go down it. It just goes to show the reality of these things, but you'll still have people going "there women lied throw them in jail", it's just so hard to get a prosecution for these types of things.

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