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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Eriktile Dysfunction


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Urggh, I don't think I can stomach it
It’s funny two of the most active threads are about how ETH is better than Arteta and another thread is how they had a better season than Arsenal. I actually don’t think it is much of an accomplishment being better than Arteta as a manager but being in Europa should give them enough sense not to say they had a better season. If you aren’t playing in that competition it is a major issue for a big club and your fans


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@Oxeki please give us the best tidbits of them saying they had a better season. We need your expertise
Europa League, no double double, Arsenal and Chelski in the mud.

FA cup has truly saved our season.

We did better than Arsenal and Liverpool.

So Arsenal talking all season and again.....we finish with a trophy and they dont.

Dear oh dear.

Glory Glory Man United!

Say what you will about Ten Hag and whether he deserves the job or not…he had them ready to play and with a system that made City look pedestrian. It’s all about winning trophies and he’s won 2 in 2 seasons (something I loved reminding my Arsenal friends about this morning).

Not hard to do better than arsenal. Chill.

Congrats to everyone involved. A really nice win. I hope the celebrations are muted somewhat when put in context of the season as a whole, but absolutely delighted - especially for the young players - that they get to taste success like this. Hopefully it makes them hungry for more.

There’s something special about this club too. Even when we are absolutely ****, in our worst period in over 30 years, we still find a way to grind out trophies here and there. Our barren and bleak years put to shame the golden years for some of our “rivals”. Looking at you Sp**s, Newcastle, and even Arsenal. Clearly we are miles behind Arsenal, but in half the time Ten Hag has won more trophies at United than Arteta has at the Gooners. That gives me a good chuckle.

1 more Fa cup to match Arsenals 14th.


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"1 more FA cup to match Arsenals 14th"



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They are total clowns. Next year when they can’t spend as much and are playing nobodies in eastern Europe i wonder if they will still think they had a better year than us


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Ps Lol Glory Glory Man United guy was pretty funny. I don’t think these guys were this happy last time they won league maybe.

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Near the end of his tenure at Arsenal, Wenger won 3 FA cups in 4 years. Our league positions in those 4 seasons were 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. Meaning we only missed out CL in just 1 season during this 4 year period.

Man utd fans reaction to this: Wenger is way past it. Can only win unimportant cups and qualify for the CL. Arsenal are becoming irrelevant, not competing for major titles. This can't be considered anything but a failure of a season etc.

Ten Hag finishes last in very easy CL group. Finishes 8th in the league with a minus goal difference but manages to win the said unimportant Cup.

Man Utd fans reaction: Winning a cup is all that matters. Fighting for titles, qualifying for the lucrative CL doesn't come close to actually winning something.

Me: :facepalm:


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I agree for the most part. The problem with your Calculus is you ignore the importance of securing CL football for the club, fans, and development of the club. Most excited i have been in years when we get a Munich in a cup tie.

If United wasn’t playing Thursdays in Kazakhstan next season i would agree with you. 4th and FA cup is better than 2nd and no cup. Europa league and Cup; i take 2nd.

Even for a club like United or Arsenal having CL football makes it easier in the transfer window getting elite players. Financially, gives your club a massive payday to buy an extra 60-70 million player in one shot.

In your analysis you don’t even mention CL football because you once those implications are brought in the FA cup combined with an awful league campaign and Thursday night football next season is not worth it.
I agree with you that playing in CL is more joyful than playing Europa league. But winning FA Cup by beating two of our biggest rival is more joyful than just playing in CL or Europa league if you don’t win it. In years to come, Arsenal fans won’t talk about the pride of beating FC Porto in CL 23/24 to reach CL quarter final, but United fans will still talk about the pride of beating two of their biggest rivals to win FA Cup.

I’m not gonna say United have better overall season because I’ll be lying if I say that but there is no chance I will ever trade winning FA Cup trophy by beating two of our biggest rival (City & Liverpool) with no trophy and 2nd place and CL quarter final. The manner how we won that FA Cup is much more meaningful and more joyful imo.

I already watched the replay of Amad and Mainoo’s goals vs Liverpool and City more than I watched Rooney’s goal vs Barcelona in the final CL 2011 🥰 Their goals in FA Cup were more meaningful than Rooney’s goal in CL final.

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i think it's important for manutd to get stability off the pitch before hiring new manager. with the names available if tuchel don't fancy the move to Manutd they might as will stick with Ten Hag one more season.

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