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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Eriktile Dysfunction

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Ten Hag "If they don't want me I go somewhere else!

Yanited "We still don't want you bruv"

Ten Hag...


The arrogance in being the undisputed WORST manager in United's PL history & thinking he'd still be in demand.

He'll be scarfing Manti in downtown Istanbul with Besiktas soon.

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Ferguson v Wenger.
Guardiola v Klopp.

You guys won’t like to admit it but Mourinho deserves credit and a mention for his first and second run at Chelsea. Early 2000’s Ferguson vs Mourinho was great if not better than the above.

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There has never been a real rivalry between Baldiola and Bigteeth tbf. But Ferguson and Wenger genuinely despised each other and every game between their teams was a war the first years. That was a real rivalry.

The last match the atmosphere was so palpable you could cut it with a knife was the 2005 FA Cup final.



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In 2013/14 we finished 4th with the cup and Liverpool finished second and I won't lie, I thought they had the better season.
They absolutely did. That Cup was massive for us given we were staring at a decade without a trophy so it meant a lot (and speaking personally, it still does), but very hard to argue we were better or had a better season than that Liverpool team with Suarez and Sturridge running rampant.

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Champions League ones as well the following season. There's always been heat.

Well for a leg and a half until Almunia somehow let that Ronaldo free kick in.

Year after was the Nasri game at home right? High tension there and in 2010/11 as well.

After that we fell away and that was it for Wenger - Ferguson.

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Ah yes, the mighty EtH took United from 3rd to 8th, playing some of the most listless football imaginable, finishing with a negative GD and conceding the 2nd most shots per game only in front of a Sheffield United team that shipped 100 goals.

Can you imagine if Arteta took us from 2nd to 8th and winning an FA Cup? This entire fanbase would be having the pitchforks out wanting him sacked immediately.
You have to give the guy credit for the audacity to even show his face in public after the amount of bad records he broke in his 2 seasons. They are actually too many to name but among others, most league defeats for United in PL history, most goals conceded, most shots faced, lowest average possession for a United side since records began. 2nd lowest goals scored by a United team. Biggest ever defeat (7-0 against Liverpool) etc.

That is before even talking about him presiding over their worst ever CL campaign where he finished bottom of a group containing Copenhagen and Galatasaray. His record against the top 10 away in the league is something like 6 points out of a possible 51.

Yes he won an FA cup which I would love us to win but it would have been more meaningful if he hasn't been so inept in the league. It is the equivalent of a caretaker in charge of an estate who has managed to keep the garden immaculate but has let the house fall apart. Ten Hag wants to be praised when he managed to save the garden while letting the foundation of the house crumble.


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Well for a leg and a half until Almunia somehow let that Ronaldo free kick in.

Year after was the Nasri game at home right? High tension there and in 2010/11 as well.

After that we fell away and that was it for Wenger - Ferguson.

That was Gibbs losing his footing a few mins into the game and it was curtains.

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