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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Eriktile Dysfunction


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Good post but this is a yes and no. When you put your faith (and even sign in some cases) the likes of Luke Shaw, Eriksen, Varane, Licha, Mount and Martial who have proven long term injury records. There's got to be a certain level of nativity you can't excuse. You know from the outset that this is a squad that will require a 3rd choice left back and a 4th choice CB which we don't have to a good quality.

Should it be him that is building the squad over some overseeing higher up director figure? Debatable. But it's been poor from him in that sense and his personal recruitment choices have been dog ****.
You guys need to uncancel Arsenal and Ajax legend Overmars and make him your “head man” lol in acquisitions. What is a few unsolicited **** picks among friends. I got drunk and jumped nude into swimming pools in high school; everyone saw my junk regularly in pranks or drunken flashing as a teenager. Ask @A_G about my i sat in bubble gum prank. He sent people d.ck pics not violent snuff movies or something; Free Overmars


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Mikaelarteto ffs.
When he can’t win trophies he has to make up otherways to show distinction as a manager. No one but the idiot we have buys really expensive players on slumps from rivals for huge fees and wages.

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He definitely turned down much more money because he knew United would tarnish his reputation. They have an 8th place squad, which their fans and owners expect a top 2 finish with

It's even worse than that; their underlying metrics for this season past were pure dog ****. On xG difference they were 15th!!!11 - 15th!! They got bailed out by individual brilliance at times, they really should have finished much lower than 8th. I don't think the average fan realizes how bad United were.


League is very weak
With him staying, it’s going to be another fun season watching Utd get battered most weeks.

Jarred Brathwaite, despite his huge potential, won’t change much.

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