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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Eriktile Dysfunction


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With him staying, it’s going to be another fun season watching Utd get battered most weeks.

Jarred Brathwaite, despite his huge potential, won’t change much.

Hmm, I think you’ll be surprised. If they keep some players fit and recruit well I think they’ll at least be better than last season.

They were decimated with injuries it cost them a lot. Albeit I think Ten Hagn could have been a lot better but will see. Im not convinced yet but they did the right thing keeping him.


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"Manchester United have told me that they have spoken to Thomas Tuchel, yes. They said they have finally come to the conclusion that they already have the best coach," the 54-year-old told Dutch broadcaster 'NOS' (quoted via VI and Fabrizio Romano). To tell him this message, representatives of the club even travelled to him on holiday: "They flew to Ibiza to tell me that I was staying. They interrupted my holiday, they suddenly turned up on my doorstep," said the coach with a laugh and continued: "Yes, I am in talks with Man United about a new contract." However, an agreement has not yet been reached ("It's not that easy, we still have to talk about it"); ten Hag's contract with the English club currently runs until the summer of 2025.
Lmao what a club. They're cooked next season

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Look at emaciated humpty dumpty here giving it the big'un. You were kept on because INEOS are clearly as clueless off the pitch as you are on it.

Instead of being thankfully to being gainfully employed after all the hidings & embarassing displays by the tw*ts he selects week in, week out, he doubles down on his unearned & misplaced arrogance.

I want us to poach his sorry arse the next time he comes to London. F*ck 3-1, I want us to annihilate them 5,6 or 7 even!!

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I know they almost have to give him a contract extension to show that they "trust" him.

But he's on £9m a year. So give him a contract extension let's say 3 years and £10m and than they fire him in 6 months and have to pay £25m would be pretty bad business.


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Ten Hag is a certified fraud lol I don’t understand this strategy of going for players he’s worked with. Onana, Lisandro, Eriksen, Amrabat, Antony and now Edison Alvarez. Apparently Hojlund has the same agent as Ten Hag aswell.

He’s insistent on building a squad like those fairies in the Eredivisie but doesn’t want to play their brand of football 🤣

Ten Hag will not have any power concerning signings anymore.


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Ten Hag will not have any power concerning signings anymore.
As of right now, he still has power based on his contract. It's why they're trying to renew it to shift power back to them when it comes to these things.
It's what's delaying the agreement for the extension at the moment.


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As of right now, he still has power based on his contract. It's why they're trying to renew his contract to shift power back to them when it comes to these things.
It's the thing that's delaying the agreement currently.

Lets hope its delayed until the end of the silly season then.


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Ten Hag will not have any power concerning signings anymore.

Utd fans better hope not as the Edson Alvarez link is a strange one. He had the funds to make it happen last season but he opted to go for Mount rather than just play a double pivot of him and Mainoo with Bruno as the 10.

Weird to wait until West Ham sign him then get priced out of a move.

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