Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Headed for the EuroPOG League?

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by THunter, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Has he finally landed then? Last I heard, he cut short his trip to Australia with the team on pre-season due to urgent transfer business, back in 2015? Maybe 16?

    I think he's an absolute joke, in a position way beyond his skillset. I hope he carries on his good work :D
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    Wasn't that in 2013 when they wanted Thiago/Fabregas? Man told United fans to "watch this space" and the proceeded to sign no one.
  3. Christ, I hope not, or life is passing me by quicker than I thought!
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    Getting crowded on here.
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    That was his first year in the role, for the last 4/5 years he's been a huge asset with his transfer dealings. He shouldn't be blamed for getting every target asked of him. Rather the attention should go to the managers.
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    Agreed he's a fraud.
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  9. Never said that though, did I?

    I think he's an excellent goalkeeper, good job for you that he is ;)
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    Sanchez is now on almost half a million a week on 4 year contract at Man Utd. Total earnings of upwards of 92 million pounds. Man Utd fans are already losing patience with him - only 1 goal from a rebound of a missed penalty, lost possession more than any other player etc. Do they realize they are stuck with the strop as nobody in their right might will even come close to matching such a mega contract for an aging, emotional and certainly this season inconsistent at best player. This will screw up any plans for another 'world class' player or the 'missing link' as they're wage bill is becoming astronomical. I for one find this particularly enjoyable. (Laughs evilly)
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    Not even a huge Martial fan compared to the majority of our fan base but if Mourinho has ruined things with Martial he has ruined his chances of succeeding at this club, he's the type of talent you don't just **** around with and bench. This has De Bruyne/Salah written all over it if we can't keep him. Especially to Spurs of all clubs.

    (Confirmed by Bouhafsi)

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  12. Juan Matas Beard

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    Some good news at least...

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    he is the pillar of your team... good news for you

    "those damn Barcunts and Realcunts can't even entice a rival team player.... ****ing ****s" inner me
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    @Juan Matas Beard

    As someone who isn't au fait with the finances of Utd, can you tell me roughly what the financial constraints on Utd are? I know they're a massively rich club and can afford big transfers and wages, but it just seems to me that an awful lot has been wasted in recent years; the Falcao wages, the Zlatan wages, the Alexis wages are very high with not a lot of longevity either.

    Like, is there a limit to what Utd can spend in terms of transfers and wages? Cos it just seems to me as an outsider that they keep on throwing money at solutions to a problem and then more money at other solutions once the first solution hasn't worked.

    I know that the real indicator of a club's financial muscle isn't how much they can spend but how much they can afford to waste. Does the Utd fan base ever worry that the club is spending and wasting too much, or can the club's finances genuinely cope with it all?
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    They are the richest club in the world. With a manager who only thinks short term it looks like they will continue to chuck money left right and center at any possible solutions. The only thing they have to worry about if FFF I believe.
    . Manchester United — €676.3 million (£581.2 million or $827.9 million). Manchester United topped the Money League for the second season in a row — the 10th time since records began. United's 12 sponsorship deals and improved broadcasting contracts were key in boosting revenue figures from £515.3 million to £581.2 million. However, Deloitte says "the clinching factor" was securing the UEFA Europa League title in Stockholm
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    We're the primary cause of climate change too, didn't you know?
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    Speaking from experience , God know we have had enough , looks pretty salvageable .
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    @Rimaal been proven right so far . Honestly did not see him start this badly .
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