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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Jaded Sancho


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How does everyone think Sancho will do?

Looking forward to impending bust ups with Ole in the press when Rashford comes back from injury and he’ll have to leave someone on the bench


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Not as embarrassing as Arteta's win rate.
Stop debasing yourself for cheap likes from United fans, who for all I care should just **** off to a United forum somewhere! Have some ****ing pride!

PS. Just noticed that you post is quite old so apologize for digging this up out of the sediments of AM treads. ;)
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Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Player: Ramsdale

United Fans in the comments actually dumb enough to defend it.

Messi in the mud right now...



Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Player: Ramsdale
They are the weakest out of the Top Four, in terms of squad and manager.

If any other team thinks they can get Champions League, it will be a the expense of United, the other three are a lock in.


Thank **** Ole is another Southgate long may he reign. Under a more progressive manager Pogba and Bruno in front of Van de beek with Sancho Greenwood and Rashford on the wings on top of that defence behind them really would be terrifying,

Yet Lingard, Matic, Martial, Fred and even McTominay getting minutes i mean honestly give us a break they are shocking. Rates Dan James too because of his defensive workrate its great, the only positive in this ****ty period.
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Not sure if impressed or red flag (we did this thing with Arteta a lot back then lol)

Crack on with these as far as we should be concerned all it means is gollum stays in the job longer, United fans are kidding themselves if they think hes another Klopp he would have been sacked long ago if he wasn't who he was.

You can plainly see the financial differential between the two clubs right there not to mention the differences in the quality of players United can still attract compared to when Klopp started, and you could actually see what Klopp was doing on the training pitch right away as well and the levels of Liverpools football even in 2018 speaks for itself.

Once United get the ball and are expected to attack against an opponent that doesn't give them space they are absolutely worthless as a team, all they can do with all that money and time is counter attack and rely on the individual quality of Rashford/Pogba and especially Bruno. Not to mention he is still playing trash like Fred/Matic/Lingard when he has the technical quality of players like Van De beek rotting on the bench, who he obviously doesn't know how to use preferring the direct running of someone like McTominay.
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