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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Jaded Sancho


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U think the board is out there scouting people? Clearly says the board agreed with Rapid Ralf. That’s why their scouting departement will be gone soon.
It's the board we are talking about, not just the chairman or head. I don't think for a second that they are complete idiots.

What i do know is that they could have spent money and asked the scouts to get somebody stat.

I do agree that they would have been reluctant to spend so much money on a player.

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Because the scouting said nobody available that could strengthen united

To play devil’s advocate who was available?

Look at Arsenal. We spent all window chasing Vlahovic but when he went to Juve there was no one really left.

It would have been stupid of Utd to spunk 70 odd million on Isak because is he really a massive improvement on what they have?

Scouts saying there was no one available in January is hardly a terrible **** up is it?


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They'd have been as well letting Ole or even Carrick carry on till the end of the season, they couldn't have done much worse.

I still believe they have a good group of players barring midfield. Lacking a few leaders obviously but they should be a lot higher than 7th. Ragnick has made a total mess of it. To underperform Ole takes some doing.


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I visited redcafe this morning, I rarely do that though (my mistake) and I found this entire gem of a thread. The OP is genius.


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I visited redcafe this morning, I rarely do that though (my mistake) and I found this entire gem of a thread. The OP is genius.

Further down that thread :lol:



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