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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Jaded Sancho


Could you change my tag una


Best English player ever probably.

Kinda played football like he literally hated every other person on the pitch :lol:

Ye if Rooney was gooner you’d merchant the **** out of him (as would I)

And i swear to god if I hear anyone say “wilshere was as talented as him una” I will go on a rampage


Wishes Wrestling Fans Liked Him

Which part? He was one of the best (English). He also does look like a promising manager.
I agree on the rooney part. But didn't he get like one win in his last 20 matches with derby or something?

The funny part is that i was like "true" on the rooney part and gain my trust just to catch me of guard with the future England manager stuff.

tbf don't know what he has done after derby


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Country: Northern Ireland

The real difference in messi v Ronaldo fans is that I feel messi fans are connoisseurs of the sport, whilst ronaldo ones are fat incels with buck toothed looks and recieding hairlines

...my GOAT would never!


Negative Nancy

Country: England
What is happening with these two recently...

...does Piers think he represents Cristiano or something now, ffs :lol:
He is trying to save face after his spat with talksport hosts. He called in and they basically told him he can’t do better than United and he is done. Piers got all defensive and said he will go to a top club. He got laughed at and was told either mls or Middle East and mls is much harder than mls
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