Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Old Men Against Young Boys


Gatekeeper Of Mediocrity
United have a very exciting team, but Ronaldo must be a little shocked at the changes to United since his time at the club.

First time there, they were always at the top...now you have Neville on Sky saying "they can improve, but still finish 4th" :lol:

Must be at least a little jarring for him, guess it would be a little similar to those few months Henry spent at our club in 2012.


Points Out The Obvious
Swear down Dan James would've done far more last night.
I’m taking Alex Iwobi over him after watching his performances, he’s gonna be Martial 2.0 I can sense it. He’s even taking about being ice cold :lol:

Even dusted Reiss Nelson looked decent in the Bratwürste league, it seems Bayern is the only serious franchise over there.
The whole league is basically an academy for the biggest teams in Europe. When even Dortmund and RB Leipzig lose their best players every season and Bayern even take Leipzig’s coach you know it’s pointless.

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