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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Onana, Where’s Your Shame?


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Apparently they conceded 11 shots from within their own box and 10 against everton and 7 against Luton. It¨s just not only an Onana issue. 11 shots from within the box sounds like something we'd concede in total over 3 games these days and Gala are no world beaters.
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Bruno can provide magic and orchestrate the attack but with Martinez and Casemiro out the defensive side is just a leaderless black hole.

On a decent PL season they would be nowhere near European places

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He has weak hands n can't catch to save his life..How do u suppose he ll come good.
He doesn't he was vital when inter reached CL final last season its clear confidence problem with him or manutd just make you lose your ability

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Their next 4 PL games are Newcastle away, Chelsea at home, Bournemouth at home, Liverpool away.

I don't see them picking up 6 points from those matches.

They've got Bayern at home in the CL during that run too.


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As I’ve stated before, their desert walk post SAF is more embarrassing than anything we have come close to. Truly a rinsed, washed and dusted club until they get a league title. If I was a man United fan I’d be truly embarrassed
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