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Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Ten Hag and Dazs

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We had to institute such a draconian rule, because the non-stop War and Peace essays by @AbouCuéllar were bringing the server down. You think the season didn't end in a bad enough way with this late season implosion and here comes abou Lorem Ipsum-ing his way into the forum. :facepalm:

Poor @Camus and @Kav having to read all of those to make the counter-abou arguments 😭
I noticed this when I tried to reply to one of his essays. 7000 word limit is generous and if you use it up, you stop all arguments against you 🤣 Very clever

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What a waste of appointment this was should have stuck with oleh until end of this season. This guy never take a role seriously


What a hilarious sequence of events. You bring in a guy who's a mediocre-at-best manager, but known for this organization-building nous. Then you let him do the former (and he ends up being the worst, on a per-game basis, in club history), but part ways before he can do the latter.

Even by the standards of post-Fergie United, this is a low point.


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The guy's a clown, no loss to United at all. Probably would've clashed with Ten Hag.

Still rate Rangnick highly, but agree with the other statement.
If we go by the articles posted it's clear that United squad is a ****show and if there's any conclusion to take away then it's that a) you either get the keys to the kingdom or all your expertise won't get you anywhere and b) that there definitely is a difference between smaller clubs and big clubs. I do assume Rangnick was overwhelmed and surprised how a behemoth with superstars/divas like United worked and that there's a lot more voices and interference, but what shows this even more is that Rangnick - who is known to be a staunch, stubborn, my way or the highway kinda guy - second guessed and changed his approach for Utd in terms of playing style.

As it played out, this Rangnick stint at United didn't make any sense. It seemed a good idea to not just go for a firefighter manager to get them over some line, but actually think proactively and bring someone in early during the season to streamline their whole squadbuilding and recruiting longtime. But as it played out with that Ralf-United relationship not working at all, Rangnick just became one of the worst firefighter managers ever - he didn't get them over any line, didn't impact their football cause he changed it up and is gone anyways. And as we all know with his longterm, project building approach Rangnick is probably one of the worst guys to get in along the way to salvage your season - that's just not his thing.

Ten Hag is an interesting appointment but the whole Ralf United thing makes both parties look a bit stupid in hindsight.

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I mean, the only guy who backed Ragnick to the hilt is now doing the same with Arteta :lol:

If anything atleast Ragnick lifted the lid on how sh*t that situation is, Ole was happy to fake it indefinitely.

It’s easy to throw your hands up and say to the press “it’s sh*t here and not my fault.”

Proper managers either keep it in house or they complain but actually turn it round aka Conte or Mourinho.

I was getting pelters in this very thread in January from people who I won’t tag for not slurping off them hiring a guy who’d done very little relatively as a manager.

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